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A person who mains Ganondorf.

Ganondorf Wishlist

Project Ganondorf. Otherwise for his base Falcondorf moveset, effectively turn him into his Project M incarnation with a few changes:


  • Buff Increase weight to be on par with SSB4 King Dedede's.
  • Buff Increase shield size, reducing shield stabbing vulnerability.
  • Buff Restore faster air speed from Brawl.
  • Buff Increase jump and double jump height to be around SSB4 Bowser's level, increasing aerial mobility, recovery, and making it easier to hop back to the stage. Project M double jump height is a barely noticeable increase.
  • Buff Dead Man's Drift floating moved to jump, and Ganondorf can now use special moves during a float.
  • Buff SSB4: Give Bowser's Tough Guy attribute to Ganondorf.
  • Buff Project M carries over SSB4 buff for damage, range, and landing lag.

Ground Attacks

  • Buff Add intangibility to the hand and forearm of jab, and foot and shin of all tilts, and up and down smash.
  • Change Add electric effect to forward and down tilts, dash attack, and up and down smashes.
  • Buff SSB4: Jab damage 6%/8%/10% → 10%/10%/10%.
  • Buff Project M up tilt: Replace the initial hitbox with Volcano Kick's vacuum so it doesn't get in the way of the main knockback hitbox.
    • Nerf Deals 30% → 22% total damage due to the removal of the initial hitbox.
  • Buff SSB4 Volcano Kick up tilt: Hitbox active 81-83 → 80-87, giving it better ledge coverage, and endlag 115 → 101. Strengthen all sourspot hitboxes to match sweespot, so all hitboxes KO at 50% and instantly shatter shields; anyone who gets hit by this deserves to be sent into the shadow realm. Additionally have the vacuum pull into the explosion range rather than right next to Ganondorf, giving the move better spacing.
  • Buff Dash attack invincibility frames increased 1-2 → 7-10 (covering the early dash attack frames like in Melee SD Remix). Retains SSB4 sourspot angle and lowered knockback, and endlag.
  • Buff Forward and up smash shield damage 0 → 12, allowing it to demolish shields better.
  • Buff Reduce up smash's ending lag to match Melee.
    • Nerf SSB4: Retain up smash's single upward kick, but keep the frame and knockback data of Melee/Project M up smash first kick's the same.
  • Buff Balanced Brawl knockback on the first hit of down smash, making it always link reliably.
  • Change SSB4: Lower angles on forward tilt and forward smash retained.

Aerial Attacks

  • Buff Neutral and back air hits lower, giving it a more favorable hitbox placement against smaller characters.
  • Buff Neutral air uses SSB4 1.1.1 patch, and intangiblity added to the shin and foot hurtbox.
  • Change Add electric effect to neutral air.

Throws/other attacks

  • Buff Increase grab range to be among the farthest. For a character as big as Bowser, why is Ganondorf's grab out-reached by Pikachu and Kirby? Even in Melee/Project M it's still rather short for his size.
  • Buff Dash grab start-up 11-12 → 10-11, endlag 45 → 41.
  • Buff Pummel damage 3% → 4.5%.
  • Change All throws deal one hit of damage rather than two.
  • Buff Forward and back throw knockback adjusted to KO around 130% near the ledge Bowser's/Donkey Kong's. Back throw damage 10% → 12%. Both additionally launches opponents at a semi-spike angle (43° → 22°).
  • Buff SSB4 up throw: knockback adjusted to KO around 140% and damage 10% → 12%.
  • Buff All grabs and throws have less ending lag.
  • Change Grab now has Ganondorf holding his opponent by the face and pummel is now a dark pulse, identical in animation to Flame Choke. Back throw sends opponents into the shadow realm and ejects them from behind, and up throw's uppercut has a darkness effect from Gerudo Dragon.
  • Change Give pummel and all throws darkness effect.
  • Buff Project M: Strengthen down taunt's sword swing to be as strong as a the weakest hitbox of the sword slam, and give it medium armor and have it begin when he moves to swing the sword.
    • Change Down taunt attack produces darkness effects rather than flame to match the actual taunt.

Special Moves

  • Buff Custom move option always enabled, especially in For Glory.
  • Buff Keep Warlock Punch and Warlock Blade. Standard Warlock Punch knockback values reverted. Additionally give them super armor throughout the entirely of their start-ups and when initiated in the air.
  • Buff Dead Man's Volley is now custom 2. The move now flings a sphere based on the original move from Ocarina of Time, dealing paralysis and knockback, and can be reflected by all parties with any hitbox that gets faster and stronger with each reflect.
  • Buff Add intangibility to the hand and forearm on Flame Choke. Allow it to be canceled in mid-air like in Brawl Minus as an option to prevent Ganoncide. Additionally no longer causes helplessness and reduce its landing lag to 20 frames (customs affected).
    • Buff Increase Flame Wave's range and decrease its start-up and ending lag to be around Brawl/SSB4 Flame Choke's.
    • Buff Have Flame Chain no longer pass through shielding opponents so all hits land on shielding enemies and is overall better for shield pressure. Additionally strengthen its knockback to KO around 130% near the ledge.
  • Buff Dark Dive's throw now semi-spikes (Sakurai Angle → 22°, Dark Vault affected), and uppercut damage 7% → 12%, both being able to kill around 115% from the center and ground of Final Destination, respectively. Additionally reduce its ending lag 60 → 30 and landing lag 30 → 20, making it harder to punish, and give it slightly more horizontal distance and super armor on start-up, like Dark Fists.
    • Buff Dark Fists' first hit 6% → 5%, second hit 11% → 15%, total damage 17% → 20% (knockback weakened to kill at the same percentage).
    • Buff Dark Vault damage 4% → 12%, lower its angle to semi-spike, while being able to kill around 150%. Additionally give it more horizontal and vertical distance and super armor during the first vault.
  • Buff Wizard's Foot landing lag 30 → 20, aerial shield damage 15 → 20, aerial ending lag 58 → 30 (Wizard's Assault affected), and double the shockwave size to make it harder to punish (customs affected).
    • Buff Wizard's Dropkick's damage 9%/11% → 12% and being able to kill around 130% near the ledge.
    • Buff Wizard's Assault is now three hits of 2.5%, 2.5%, and 9% (total damage 11%/12% → 14%), startup 29 → 20 (matching Wizard's Dropkick), ending lag 87 → 69 (matching Project M Wizard's Foot), grounded shield damage 0 → 20 (matching aerial version), and change its trajectory to be forward and not send opponents behind.
    • Nerf SSB4: Aerial Wizard's Foot does not restore Ganondorf's double jump.