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Because of the general acceptance of continual harassment (see talk page for examples, but also outside the wiki in the form of insults and private message spam), derailments([1]), and especially politically charged vandalism ([2]), [3]) by notable users against a user who is neither a vandal nor disruptive (me), especially in the mainspace, I am no longer interested editing and contributing to the wiki. Since the fork from the former wiki, it appears a significant segment of the wiki has become incestuous and territorial, which has inhibited the retainment of new contributors. Comparatively few users (namely PSIWolf, James, and Miles) feel like the energy invested in these attacks could be better spent doing something productive.

The articles are my principle concern, but now that I know my contributions and edits are going to bet with stiff resistance by notable users, there is little point in wasting my energy. Other contributors should note that I am not angry at the community in any way, but if they want to keep future new contributors interested, they should begin by reigning in their appetite for destructive behavior and allowing superficial things like the welcome template to substitute interaction with new users. I really would like to see a Smash wiki not be held back by this group of users.


Previous description

Quilt is mostly indifferent to vandalism of this page; Quilt finds everything fun, although Quilt thinks contributions and constructive talk in the mainspace is most important while everything else is secondary.

Quilt trivia

Quilt is one of two users on SSBWiki who likes Comic Sans, the other is Miles.