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The Steel Mechorilla went berserk

me: shoot!

Lucas and Kumatora got hurt,Boney collapsed

Lucas tried Life up B!

Kumatora tried Life Up B!

The Steel Mechorilla went berserk!

me: crap!

Lucas took mortal damage! Kumatora took mortal damage!

Lucas tried Life up B!

Kumatora tried Life up B!

The Steel Mechorilla went berserk!

me: ....damnit

Lucas got hurt and collapsed... Kumatora got hurt and collapsed...


Lucasthefourth "BS"
Brawl mains Lucas, Kirby
Other Brawl
Marth, Meta Knight
Skill Other good-great
Additional info
Real name Gerry Abraham
Location Muara karang, Jakarta Indonesia
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You have even more new message!! (Okay, Just kidding).

Greeting my fellow friend! Today I shall delete you from this horrible world... maybe

Who's online: Zeckemyro, LaughingElfMan, DekZek, SuperSmashTurtles, S3AHAWK, ShootingStar7X, The Other Jared, Th0m45Zh40, CSR, ThespixN, AgedofallStrings, SacredFire37, Smash-jay, ShadicMCGS

Check This out!

And This too!

Not forgetting This too!

My Tier list

This is... well... "My" Tier list... well probably not Tier list, but probably favorite list in Brawl...

NOTE: I never update this list since it's long and tiring to change it, so look at the top four only instead

Brawl Tiers
1 2 3 4
LucasIcon(SSBB).png KirbyIcon(SSBB).png MetaKnightIcon(SSBB).png MarthIcon(SSBB).png


Dispute Handling 20%    
Smash Skill 85%    
Smash Knowledge 65%    
Spelling/Grammar 10%    
Typing Speed 76%    
Wikipresence 77%    
Wikiskill 87%    
Basic Attributes
Firewall This user is immune to Flame attacks.
I R Seeing You This user uses the IRC.
Icy Head This user cannot use Flame attacks.
Mr. Vulcan This user's Logic attacks deal 33% more damage.
Respectability This user cannot use Troll attacks.
Rock Head This user is immune to Troll attacks.
Other Attributes
humane projectile This user keeps on using PK thunder 2
Pwanch This user keeps on pwning Falcon pwanch using C. Falcon kirby
Paint out This user draw all the time
Jumping 8 bit This user really likes to play old school games like Super Mario Bros and the old Pacman
Saili'n and Boardi'n This scallywag is able to talk pirates, arr mateys
Charlie bit my finger! This user bites Master Hand and Crazy Hand's finger using Chomp
Angry trainer This user have all 3 gold stars in all Angry Birds levels
Model maker This user sometimes play with 2 wiimote just to get a good photo

Stages top 10

1. Bridge of eldin

2. Pictochat

3. Green greens

4. Mario circuit

5. Halberd

6. New pork city

7. Flat zone 2

8. Rumble falls

9. Norfair

10. My own stage, "Smash!"

Fav special moves

  1. PK Thunder 2/ PK Rocket (Lucas)
  2. Mach tornado
  3. Inhale (Kirby)
  4. Falcon Punch
  5. Chef
  6. Rest
  7. Super jump punch
  8. Screw attack
  9. Fire fox
  10. Angel ring

Fav games

Without any particular order:

  • Obviously, SSBB
  • Minecraft
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Epic Battle Fantasy (series)
  • Bullet Heaven
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2

Fav quotes

  • "Red and green put the fog of rage in my eyes and my mind goes crazy!" - Fawful, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
  • "The G-Great Luigi, you say? A... A daring defender? ...Me? Then I've got no choice! Luigi must spring into action! My fans need me!" - Luigi, Super paper Mario
  • "You build it, I BLAST it!" Boomer, Super paper Mario
  • "Dedede: I'm gonna get you, Kirby
-(Kirby suck Dedede)-
Kirby: I'm gonna get me, Kirby" - Brawl in the family (www.Brawlinthefamily.com)
  • "My powers...gone... My empire...shrinking... My huge cake...never got a slice..." - Bowser, Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • "Dodo doesn't care about your life"- Shaun's wiji dodo.
  • "Holy balls!" -Barry, Age of Zombies
  • "My foot will transform into a foot with YOUR ASS WRAPPED AROUND IT" ~Soldier, Team Fortress 2
  • "I am passively resisting the fact that you suck, I'm celibate because I don't give a f*ck!

Smash arena


Discord.svg Discord Smash Arena Discord.svg
The symbol used in Melee for Battlefield. It is also used by this wiki as a placeholder symbol for when a corresponding series symbol is unknown or nonexistant. LADIES & GENTS! Come to the Smash Arena and vote on Round 59: Cuphead vs. Sans! The symbol used in Melee for Battlefield. It is also used by this wiki as a placeholder symbol for when a corresponding series symbol is unknown or nonexistant.

Brawl stuffs

I can battle a level 9 character (including Metaknight while i'm using Ganondorf) and win 2-3. the hardest one i've ever fight are 3 Warios in the same group lv 4, AND 2 ROBs lv 7 + 1 ROB lv 6. so darn hard... I have beaten Subspace Emissary for a few times, can only do Boss battles in Normal difficulity. Can go around/more then 1800 or something like that in Homerun contest using any characters. I once fight a lv 9 snake with snake. we both have 300 damage and have 8 lives. i win in less then 3 minutes. Even though Kirby is the second-highest characters that i adore, i enjoy using it whenever there is Captain falcon (Soo kirby can FALCOOOON PWAAANCH). I enjoy doing the Dress glitch, mixing Dedede and Wario. I also enjoy sliding out all Shy-guy racer in Mario Circuit using Octopus when the karts are on the upper platform.

I also make some challenge to myself, like playing stamina mode with HP=1and enemies hp=250 BUT the enemy is level 1. so far i did it with Link (vs dark link), Lucas (Vs Ness), and Fox (vs wolf, in Slow motion).


i was planning to brawl Metal gearz snake too. If you want to brawl me.... well you can now! only weekends however.

Oh yeah! anyway, so far this is my observation result of my fights


Skill:Medium low :p

i wins: a lot

i loses:probably 3 or 4 times out of... 20?


Skill:Medium high

i wins: once ^-^"

i loses: a lot... but the reason i lose is because the game is so lag, that when i press the dodge button it will dodge 2 seconds later. unfortunatly, the lag makes me a great disadvantage when recover using lucas/ness too


Skill: almost like KirbyTheAmazing XD

I wins: twice

I loses: none, the last fight i almost lose because my wiimote's battery power is going down

Dodo (again)

Skill: Bit better then me

I win: sometimes

I loses: mostly :/


Skill: bit better then me

I win: forgot

I loses: forgot

As far as I remember, the ratio of the wins and loses is close, but she is still berter then me


Skill: Medium

Luck: high

I win: once

I loses: twice (because of distractions)


Skill: Medium

pretty much similar to AmyFox


Skill: same with me



I was surprised when I lost from ganondorf :/

Pic/sig making

Hello! well, this is pretty much copying from Kirbytheamazing's idea, but it's Ok. anyway, you can request drawings too for your userpage or sig.(like what i did to KTA's sig). anyway, you can pretty much request me all brawl-related things, with EXCEPTIONS of:

  1. Fox
  2. Falco
  3. Wolf
  4. Marth
  5. Ike
  6. C.Falcon
  7. Samus (i can draw ZSS)
  8. P.trainer
  9. Zelda
  10. Toon link (I can, but it sucks)
  11. Ganon-dork
  12. All pokemons (with exception of Jigglypuff)
  13. Bowser
  14. ROB
  15. sonic
  16. Pit (can, but kinda suck)
  17. DK
  18. Diddy

^I can do all of them in Kirby mode^

Ask me requests on my talkpage, not forgetting to put details, and whether i should draw it by hand or digitally. no payment needed, i don't have any bank account anyway. so ask me if on a pinch

Oh! and to give some reference, here's some pict i made by my self.


-->that dark smash ball on the top of my page


-->Meta knight lt4.jpg

-->Lucas kirby.jpg

-->Mario by lt4.jpg

I have some more, but i dont wanna to upload it

History of This World

A lot of people have wonderedabout the old history, and what happened few years ago, so a scientist does a research and found out that a creature that is big and lizard-like rules, but most of them died because of meteors. Then a new era begins, with humans that was once monkeys have a lot of works such as those who works in fields, plumbers, knights, and many more. That era is the era where princess rules the kingdom. For some reason though, weird creatures that can fly and looks like pink puffballs or a greedy king that is penguin-like and even some animals that is also a plant started to exist. So time flies and another new era starts, where people fight with modern technology and also those who fights in hi tech suit.

Tricks n tips

Before you go, if you area mid-low brawler, i might give you some tips -In Boss battles,if you use Lucas/Ness and have a high damage and your next opponent is Master hand or Duon, don't take the Heart container. instead use the PSI Magnet to absorb damage when Master Hand attack with the bullet or if the pink-sided Duon attack pink lasers at you -For starters, you better try using Mario or Kirby, these two is easy to control.

Wow you got to the end of the page! You got a cookies. Oh wait: first enable cookies

~EXemplary Logic