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Hi, um, right now I don't have a lot of things to put up here, since this is my first time doing wiki stuff. But, as you can tell, I like playing as Kirby in the SSB games. My favorite Super Smash game is Brawl, because of the new characters( Sonic FTW!)and a bunch of other things that would take forever to talk about. I also like Pokemon, and when I get bored, I would go to training mode and keep throwing Poke balls until I get something interesting.

Characters I would play as in Brawl[edit]

  • Of course, Kirby
  • Pikachu (pikapika!)
  • Samus (the screw attack really screws others!)
  • Fox/Falco (Wolf: Can't let you do that, Starfox)
  • Yoshi (Yoshiyoshi!)
  • Sonic (the blue hedgehog)
  • Pokemon Trainer (I'm best with Squirtle)

The End[edit]

Well, that's all I have to say. Sorry if I wasted your time (or did you have fun?).