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Skill Super Smash Bros. Casual
Super Smash Bros. Melee Casual
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Casual
Super Smash Bros. 4 Casual
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Casual
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About Me

I've been a fan of the smash Bros. game since the first game on the N64. Back then my favorite character was Link, till the introduction of Zelda in Melee, lol. I'm a "For Fun" player, I have a strong loathing for the competitive scene in the Smash Bros. community due to a negative experience with a competitive smash player in the past. However I understand the fact that some good has come with it, such as bringing certain players together. All I ask is to not be harassed for not liking the competitive scene, and I wont ever bring it up unless confronted.



amiibo I own

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

User Ixbran's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Mains list.
Main's Bayonetta SSBU.pngJoker and Arsene SSBU.pngHero SSBU.pngSora SSBU.pngMii Swordfighter SSBU.png
Secondary's Robin SSBU.pngPalutena SSBU No Halo.pngCloud SSBU.pngSimon SSBU.pngMii Gunner SSBU.png
Tertiary's Link SSBU.pngPokémon Trainer, along with his Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard.Shulk SSBU.pngSephiroth SSBU.pngMii Brawler SSBU.png
Maybe's Mario SSBU.pngLuigi SSBU.pngPeach SSBU.pngDaisy SSBU.pngBowser SSBU.pngRosalina & Luma SSBU.pngBowser Jr. SSBU.pngPiranha Plant SSBU.pngYoshi SSBU.png
Donkey Kong SSBU.pngDiddy Kong SSBU.pngKing K. Rool SSBU.pngZelda SSBU.pngSheik SSBU.pngGanondorf SSBU.pngToon Link SSBU.pngYoung Link SSBU.pngSamus SSBU.png
Zero Suit Samus SSBU.pngRidley SSBU.pngDark Samus SSBU.pngKirby SSBU.pngKing Dedede SSBU.pngMeta Knight SSBU.pngFox SSBU.pngFalco SSBU.pngWolf SSBU.png
Pikachu SSBU.pngJigglypuff SSBU.pngPichu SSBU.pngMewtwo SSBU.pngLucario SSBU.pngGreninja SSBU.pngIncineroar SSBU.pngCaptain Falcon SSBU.pngNess SSBU.png
Lucas SSBU.pngIce Climbers SSBU.pngMarth SSBU.pngRoy SSBU.pngIke-Alt1 SSBU.pngLucina SSBU.pngChrom SSBU.pngCorrin SSBU.pngByleth SSBU.png
Pit SSBU.pngVillager SSBU.pngIsabelle SSBU.pngWii Fit Trainer SSBU.pngLittle Mac SSBU.pngPyra and Mythra in Ultimate.Inkling SSBU.pngMin Min SSBU.png
Snake SSBU.pngSonic SSBU.pngMega Man SSBU.pngPac-Man SSBU.pngRyu SSBU.pngKen SSBU.png
Richter SSBU.pngtaken from here SSBU.pngKazuya SSBU.png
Never's Dr. Mario SSBU.pngWario SSBU.pngMr. Game & Watch SSBU.pngDark Pit SSBU.pngOlimar SSBU.pngDuck Hunt SSBU.pngR.O.B. SSBU.png
Wishlist via FEWA Lyn.png Artwork used for Magnus's Spirit. Ripped from Game Files Source: Koei Wiki. Official artwork of Takamaru from Samurai Warriors 3. Sora (KH series).png Yuri - Fatal Frame.png Sans.png