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What's wrong with competitive playing[edit]


I will admit, not all the characters are equal. (There is a reason Ganondorf was placed last on the tier list, you know.) However, that doesn't mean you should rank them officially. Here are my reasons why:

1. Everyone has different opinions; there is no need to create an "official" one. I don't play well with any of the top 7 characters characters in the tier list! My best characters are Fox, Wolf, Pokemon Trainer, Mr. Game and Watch and Pikachu, who are ranked 15th, 16th, 29th, 13th and 8th, respectively. It doesn't add up.

2. The tiers create a caste system, not unlike feudalism. Meta Knight is the King of Smashia, while Ganondorf is a slave. The tiers reinforce this caste system. New players see the tiers, and they think "Oh, Meta Knight's ranked highest. I'm gonna play as him, because they say he rules! Oh, and Ganondorf is a motherf****r." I can't wait to see a tournament where everybody plays Meta Knight. It's bound to happen.

3. People who support tiers say "Those fags who say tiers shouldn't exist are idiots. They suck. lolololololol pwnzorz." Or, in Semicolon's words "...opponents of tiers, who have already been pushed from the mainstream [which we haven't], but ought to be obfuscated entirely from discussions of competitive play." Really? I mean, this is discrimination. Just because somebody doesn't like tiers does not mean they should be shunned. If anything, it should be the other way around.

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