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Hello. Forgot that I had an account here ^_^;

As you can probably tell, the name is Force Fire. I am a member of Bulbapedia and one of their Administrators. Even though I had this account way back in March 2011, I have made no significant edits thus far (blame my activity on Bulbapedia for that).

On to Super Smash Bros. I have played all three installments and have enjoyed playing all of them. I don't usually play competitively. My favourite characters to play are: Pikachu, Fox, Falco, Meta Knight, Sonic, Marth, Samus, Link, and Lucas.

As you would think, considering I'm a member of Bulbapedia, I am a fan of Pokémon (I'm a fan of anything Nintendo really..). Favourite Pokémon is Charizard and second favourite is Magmortar.


My activity here may be really rare. Like, really, really rare. So if you want to find me, I'm usually at the following places: