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Brawl mains Ness, Ike
Skill Other Meh (Melee)
Good (Brawl)
Additional info
Real name André
Location Porto Portugal

Hi. You might know me from some other places as srb2Espyo (YouTube, for instance). I registered on this wiki to help, obviously.

About me[edit]

I started playing SSB around 2005 or something. The very first time I saw it, I didn't know what to think. After some weeks, I decided to check it out again. After a few hours of playing, I got hooked. Eventually, I got a bit good at it. But, before I could get any better, SSBM fell into my lap on 2008's Christmas. After 5 months, I unlocked everything in the game. Finally, when my birthday showed up in 2009, I got SSBB. 6 months later, pow, 100% unlocked.

I can play SSB somewhat well. As for Melee, I have no clue; it's been over an year since I touched it. I used to be able to kick CPU lvl 9's butt pretty easily, but I'm nowhere near pro. I can't even SHFFL! I currently play Brawl almost every other day, specially online, and I got to say... I'm pretty good at it. Anyway, I'm not like most Melee players that say that Brawl sucks. I obviously agree Brawl isn't as competitive as Melee, but sucking? Pfft, unlikely. I love Smash as a whole, instead of focusing on bashing certain games of the trilogy.

That said, if you want to befriend me in Brawl, my code is in the infobox.

Other than that, I browse the wiki in search of flaws in articles, in an attempt to improve them.

I'm making a rhythm game based on Mother 3's combo system: logo2128.png PK Rhythm.