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Hello all. I exist.

Dr. 8-Bit
Brawl mains Mr. Game & Watch, R.O.B.
Skill Other I have no idea how to measure this
Additional info
Location Cheyenne, WY United States
Mr. Game & Watch SSBB.jpg This user's main is Mr. Game & Watch.
R.O.B. SSBB.jpg This user's secondary main is R.O.B.
Mario SSBB.jpg This user's tertiary main is Mario.
Ice Climbers SSBB.jpg This user's quaternary main is the Ice Climbers.
Dr. Mario SSBM.jpg This user's secondary Melee main is Dr. Mario.

What I'd add in a dream SSB, assuming no restrictions whatsoever[edit]

Spyro the Dragon universe[edit]

Insomniac-era, from back when Spyro was the greatest platformer of all time.


  • Forward smash: Ice breath (from Frozen Altars in Spyro 3).
  • Neutral special: Fire breath, obviously, being his signature move.
  • Side special: Charge.
  • Up special: Whirlwind. The whirlwind stays behind like Sonic's spring; anyone who enters it is sent to the top and, if they have the ability to glide, automatically starts doing so.
  • Final Smash: Speedway. Transformation FS; Spyro gains Supercharge, Superflame, and Flight.

Gnasty Gnorc[edit]

  • Forward smash: Pulls out a cannon from the Peace Keepers homeworld, and fires it. There's a 10% chance of it being the Dream Weavers cannon instead.
  • Down smash: Summons two sleeping dogs from Toasty on either side of him.
  • Neutral special: Shoots his scepter; the projectile freezes opponents in a crystal statue for a few seconds. The shape of the statue would be different for each character, and could be used for cameos and references (e.g. Mario's could look like the tanooki suit statue).
  • Side special: He sends a thief to steal items from opponents.
  • Down special: Uses Magic Crafter magic to summon a wall in front of him, for use as a shield.

Kingdom Hearts universe[edit]

Sora (very incomplete)[edit]

  • Side special: Strike Raid. This can hit up to five times, as in KH1 and KH2FM, not just once as in COM and SSF2. It also moves much faster than in SSF2.
  • Final Smash: Either Trinity Limit or perhaps Final Form.

Final Fantasy universe[edit]

That son of a warmech Strife, being a symbol of Square's betrayal of Nintendo, must not make it in.

Black Mage[edit]

I'm not even going to try to come up with a moveset, as anything I create will be inferior to the SSF2 one.

NetHack universe[edit]

Hooray for obscure open-source text-based games!

@ Sign (tentative name)[edit]

  • Neutral special: Unidentified wand. Waves a wand, with various random effects.
  • Up smash: Breaks a wand, creating an explosion with various random effects similar to those in nspec.
  • Up special: Cursed potion of gain level. Teleports upward.
  • Final Smash: Invocation. A ring of fire, surrounded by a larger ring of water, appears around the @ Sign, doing heavy damage and knockback to anyone who touches it.

Changes to existing characters[edit]

Nothing yet.