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Please create a userpage for yourself, otherwise if i have questions about your request, I won't be able to ask it(several of these are not clear enough and therefor will not be made)

My replies/questions about requests are in brackets. Please leave your answer to the right of the brackets.

Here is an album of all the Smash Bros. gifs I've made.


-Fox double jump reverse laser regrab ledge with side-b.

- Do SH Fair with Marth on the first airborne frame, and compare it to SH Fair with Marth on the second airborne frame. In Melee it should slightly reduce your overall max height due to the aerial inducing gravity on that first airborne frame when it usually occurs on the next, do the same with FH Fair and I think it has a slightly bigger effect. Then after the fair in each of those, perform a Nair or Dair ASAP through the IASA and see the results. Apparently it doesn't apply to PM, but I need help from people to find this out. This pertains to this video for stuff like this You do great work dude, I'd appreciate if you get a chance to maybe help or contact me specifically sometime (PMDepot on Youtube)

- Cancelling PK Thunder 2 ( )

- Ice climbers moving as they use the fireflower (if only Nana is holding the fireflower)

- Dr. Mario using Super Sheet on Ness' PK Thunder 2 used on stage(not as recovery).

- Doc's D-tilt; weird hitboxes/launch trajectory, possible Stage-Spikes on edgeguards

- how marth's side b works with momentum. sometimes it stalls and other times it goes up or down. also his ledgehop upair regrab that m2k can do, how does that work?

- bowser L-cancelling all air attacks DONE

- Shrink glitch (

- luigi ladder DONE

- peach cancels DONE

- "brawl techs"

- link boomerang jump DONE

- installing yyg jackets

- link zair cancel DONE

- doc upb cancel DONE

- 'mario upb wall jump DONE

- Falcon shffling (shorthop fastfalling) [no air attack or l cancel? you mean a tomahawk?]

- Have a pair, if you can do them in Dolphin. Auto cancel aerial Raptor boost and aerial flameless Falcon Kick. If you don't know how to perform them, fast fall after a double jump and extremely close to the ground, input the raptor boost/Falcon kick. (for prog) DONE

- Link's Bombjump

- Ness Recovery Trick in 1.0

- Marth/Roy animation glitch on Dreamland

- Bowser Grab release chain grab

- Fox and Falco cancelling their side special moves FALCO DONE BETTER VERSION

- Samus Short-Hop Fast-Fall Missile Combo, Samus Super Wavedash [swd has been made, just google it. i can remake it if you want] [LiteTheIronMan: I'd rather have SHFFLMC over SWD but por que no los dos :D]

- Powershield counter as depicted in this video@13:00 (for Mahie)

- Ledge-cancelling returning jumps [do you mean up-bs?]

- Wobbling and other IC chain grabs, some desync gifs would be amazing as well

- Falcon moonwalking vs Falcon normally running

- A perfectly looped .gif of the Spacies multishining [enjoy ]

- Wavelanding onto the stage from hanging off the edge (*Cough*this looks really good with Falco*Cough*) [you can just say "as falco" next time lol]

- Mewtwo short-hopping and releasing a fully charged Shadow Ball to create a sort of awkwardly-performed-super-slide.

- Invisible Ceiling Glitch. If possible activate it, have them recover, then hit them out of recovery with an fsmash or something while it's still active.

- Samus super wavedash [I tried for like an hour and failed, ill try again later]

- Samus extendo-grapple DONE

- Marth's ledgehop-uair-utilt-dair combo

- Cape causing a gust

- Sheik's run-off teleport ("ledge-cancelled") into teleport to the ledge (not sure of the actual name) DONE

- The importance of DI, either a side by side comparison or an overlay. DONE

- Effects of Smash-DI. Similar to Regular DI if possible.

- Bowser's Giant Hand

- The importance of jump-cancelled upsmashes/grabs

- Fox/Falco's secret taunts

- The cape jump glitch (as in this). Either air dodge or jump, please; whichever is easiest.

- Young Link's flaming DAIR

- Adult Link's freezing arrow

- Cheap ways to KO using Items (ex: ray gun can allow for constant horizontal shooting until the opponent enters the blast zone...Any other examples of cheap KO's?)

- Peach Turnip Glitch. The typical glitch is the regrab glitch which causes the grab-box of a turnip to get bigger each time it is regrabbed. The second, is a stranger glitch which causes a turnip to freeze in place once it's thrown, as seen "here"

- Mewtwo's soul breaker glitch

- THE ROMEO: Spot dodge bait -> knee. Falcon starts a short distance from a shielding character. Runs up right in front of shield, as if to grab. Opponent spot dodges, falcon jumps in place and knees. Best if invincibility frames end in the middle of knee sweetspot (rather than invincibility frames end and knee sweetspot comes out slightly after), and if the knee hits the character in the face. Falco is a good choice for this.

- THE CHAMELEON: Any character (marth is best) walks through another character's shield (going from in front to behind). Marth begins reverse fsmash right before confused opponent does something out of shield (grab the place marth just was or jump is best).

- Cool stuff with Peach's neutral B move?

- Luigi f-tilting on a shield and then getting hit buy a fast upwards sending out of shield option, such as Fox's up smash, or Peach's Nair, causing the invisible ceiling glitch.

- the physics of marths side b, when it stalls, when he drops, etc. also, marths ledgehop upair regrab ledge.

-GANON'S SHIELD-DROPPED FAIR. If it is performed frame perfectly (based on my own tests), the hitbox appears above the platform for a single frame. This is a very difficult shield drop to pull off, but the reward is a fair!

- Have Kirby suck up and spit out either a falcon or a Kirby with a falcon hat, to falcon punch or knee an opponent that was already try to come back onto stage.

- Falco's (or anyone's) tech timing on Marth's run off counter. This scenario: Falco recovers with an upB from below the ledge, Marth runs off to catch it with his downB counter, Falco techs it.

- Fox/Falco's 'Invisible Shine' as shown in Silentwolf's video:

- Pichu's Nair with hitboxes and hurtboxes. Pretty please, the gif is not on the Smashboards page.

- Falco's Multishine (To partner with Fox's )