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Jersey Japes is a New Jersey tournament series held Saturdays in either Princeton (JJ South) or Green Brook (JJ North). It was originally founded by NJzFinest, Vestboy Myst, Masha and Internet Explorer following the end of a previous summer weekly series held in Princeton. JJ North was later added to the series. The tournament consists of a melee doubles event, followed by singles directly after. Currently North and South alternate every other week, with VBM and Jaxel running North and Masha/NJzFinest/DanSalvato running South.



  • For South: Melee Doubles at 6pm, Melee singles at 7pm
  • For North: Melee Doubles at 2pm, Melee singles at 3pm
  • Apex 2014 ruleset is used and modified DSR is in effect. Gentlemen's agreements may be made when picking stages.

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