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Notice.png NOTE: This is a draft. Don't use it yet.

The preview button

Hello. You seem to have been making several edits to the same page that could have all been done in a single edit. In cases like these, you should be using the preview button instead of saving the page repeatedly.
It is almost always a better idea to make one big edit than a bunch of small edits. ~~~~

Using this template[edit]

To inform a user they should be using the preview button, edit their talk page and add this to the bottom:

{{subst:UsePreview|<the X page>}}

"the X page" is optional. Use it if you want to call attention to "the item page", "the stage template", "your userpage", or what have you. If left out, the text defaults to the generic "the same page".

Don't use the "new section" tab to do this, as the template makes its own header, and it becomes harder to edit conflict someone who's doing the same.

This template is intended as a canned "first notice". Do not use it on the same user multiple times, regardless of how long ago it has been. Instead, refer back to the original usage and re-iterate the importance of previewing with different wording.