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Warning.png NOTE: Before editing, read the following.
Keep a maximum of four items on this list at once. Three is preferred if news is scarce. Five is too much.

Also, watch the </div><noinclude> on the last item. Many ill-informed users delete this when removing the last item, which breaks the main page. Ensure it remains.

Finally, note some ground rules for what kind of stuff is newsworthy:

  • Nintendo news relating to the Smash Bros. series.
  • Major updates/patches.
  • Results of major tournaments (e.g. regionals or larger).
  • Major community news, such as a new official SmashBoards tier list, top-in-world player announces retirement, etc.
  • In the case of reveals relating to upcoming games:
    • Playable character, stage, and item reveals are.
    • New modes probably are; old modes probably not.
    • Assist character reveals usually are (e.g. Assist Trophies and Pokémon).
    • New elements of previously known things generally are not.
    • If a new-game-related announcement has a great deal of information too large for one news item, list only the revealed characters, mention that many other things were revealed, and preferably link to a page we have on the subject.

All news items should have at least one link, preferably to the source of the news. News items should only be merged if they're strongly related.

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