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  Name Damage Description
Neutral attack {{{neutralname}}} {{{neutral1dmg}}} {{{neutraldesc}}}
Forward tilt {{{ftiltname}}} {{{ftiltdmg}}} {{{ftiltdesc}}}
Up tilt {{{utiltname}}} {{{utiltdmg}}} {{{utiltdesc}}}
Down tilt {{{dtiltname}}} {{{dtiltdmg}}} {{{dtiltdesc}}}
Dash attack {{{dashname}}} {{{dashdmg}}} {{{dashdesc}}}
Forward smash {{{fsmashname}}} {{{fsmashdmg}}} {{{fsmashdesc}}}
Up smash {{{usmashname}}} {{{usmashdmg}}} {{{usmashdesc}}}
Down smash {{{dsmashname}}} {{{dsmashdmg}}} {{{dsmashdesc}}}
Neutral aerial {{{nairname}}} {{{nairdmg}}} {{{nairdesc}}}
Forward aerial {{{fairname}}} {{{fairdmg}}} {{{fairdesc}}}
Back aerial {{{bairname}}} {{{bairdmg}}} {{{bairdesc}}}
Up aerial {{{uairname}}} {{{uairdmg}}} {{{uairdesc}}}
Down aerial {{{dairname}}} {{{dairdmg}}} {{{dairdesc}}}
Grab {{{grabname}}} {{{grabdesc}}}
Pummel {{{pummelname}}} {{{pummeldmg}}} {{{pummeldesc}}}
Forward throw {{{fthrowname}}} {{{fthrowdmg}}} {{{fthrowdesc}}}
Back throw {{{bthrowname}}} {{{bthrowdmg}}} {{{bthrowdesc}}}
Up throw {{{uthrowname}}} {{{uthrowdmg}}} {{{uthrowdesc}}}
Down throw {{{dthrowname}}} {{{dthrowdmg}}} {{{dthrowdesc}}}
Floor attack (front) {{{floorfname}}} {{{floorfdmg}}} {{{floorfdesc}}}
Floor attack (back) {{{floorbname}}} {{{floorbdmg}}} {{{floorbdesc}}}
Floor attack (trip) {{{floortname}}} {{{floortdmg}}} {{{floortdesc}}}
Edge attack (fast) {{{edgefname}}} {{{edgefdmg}}} {{{edgefdesc}}}
Edge attack (slow) {{{edgesname}}} {{{edgesdmg}}} {{{edgesdesc}}}
Neutral special [[{{{nsname}}}]] {{{nsdmg}}} {{{nsdesc}}}
Side special [[{{{ssname}}}]] {{{ssdmg}}} {{{ssdesc}}}
Up special [[{{{usname}}}]] {{{usdmg}}} {{{usdesc}}}
Down special [[{{{dsname}}}]] {{{dsdmg}}} {{{dsdesc}}}
Final Smash [[{{{fsname}}}]] {{{fsdmg}}} {{{fsdesc}}}


Basically, fill in the following fields:

game = game in question; this will for example hide pummels and vertical throws when given "ssb", "ssb64", or "64"
neutralcount = number of neutral attack parts not counting the infinite (e.g. Mario is 3, Yoshi is 2, Pikachu is 1, Meta Knight is 0), default 2
neutralinf = "y" if character has neutral infinite, blank otherwise
ftiltangles = number of angles for forward tilt, default 1 - don't use this if they all deal the same damage
ftiltcount = number of forward tilt parts, default 1
dtiltcount = number of down tilt parts, default 1
fsmashangles = number of angles for forward smash, default 1 - don't use this if they all deal the same damage
fsmashcount = number of forward smash parts, default 1

Then, preview the table and add the parameters displayed.


  • Neutral combos, f-tilt combos, and f-air combos have a max count of 3; d-tilts and f-smashes a max count of 2. This is number of separate parts, not distinct hits; if you only press the button once and all the hits come out, the count is 1.
  • F-tilts and f-smashes can have 1, 3, or 5 angles. Anything else will report an error.
  • The rows for "grab aerial" and "glide attack" are hidden unless they are given a name via zairname and glidename.
  • For special moves whose name doesn't redirect to their page name (such as Bomb), set xspage (where the "x" matches the move's direction) to the target page.
  • For SSB4's DLC characters, add nocustoms=y. This will set the game to "ssb4nc" in the specials subtable and thus disable customs display.
  • For characters like Olimar that have several different variants for many moves (not like Marth where it's very simple), use customcolumns and customcolumnscount, and put stuff like 3% {{!!}} 7% in every damage box. For example, Olimar (SSBB) would be something like:
    • customcolumns = Olimar!!Red!!Yellow!!Blue!!White!!Purple
    • customcolumnscount = 6
    • |fairdmg=—{{!!}}15%{{!!}}12%{{!!}}13%{{!!}}5%{{!!}}14%