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NAS in July 2007

New Age of Smash, abbreviated NAS, was a smash crew from Baden-Württemberg, Germany. As of October 2007, the crew was disbanded and reformed into Royal Flush.


NAS was founded on October 19, 2006 by Yomi and Tero. They had the idea after a litte Smashfest in Freiburg together with Nik and lexxil. After they discovered on that MUGG lived nearby he joined the crew in November 06 followed by Siruma in December. ExoDuZ joined on the Easter Egg Parade in Alsheim,Germany on 5.04.07. After the Easter Egg Parade NAS was ranked as the 3rd best German crew. NAS has been terminated in favor of Royal Flush after its 1 year anniversary.



NAS hosted 4 tournaments in Freiburg (Baden-Württemberg/Germany) called SFF. The 4 tournaments had entrants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The SFF Tournament Series started in December 2006 and nowadays are part of Germany's biggest Smash tournaments. The biggest one was called DST.

Easter Egg Parade was the first German Tournament NAS was attending. Shyne placed best together with ExoDuZ (who was not in NAS at that time). Yomi also went on a rampage in the random crew match (randomly mixed up crews) and defeated Jon_ass and Siruma.

Yomi, Shyne and lexxil also went to Road to Bodio 2, a Swiss/Italian Tournament, which was hosted by Dax in Bodio, Switzerland. They did well fighting against Aldwyn, Dax and Seretur.

NAS placed second in the Crew Tournament after losing closely to Aldwyn McCloud, Dax, and Sereteur. Shyne and Yomi also did very well in teams.

NAS is also the host of the South-German Bi-weeklies the first German bi-weekly series.

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Videos of NAS can be found on YouTube .

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