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Team:Natural Born Killers

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NBK, which stands for Natural Born Killers, was a Super Smash Bros. crew, created in 2008. It was regarded by other smashers as one of the top online clans along with MC and PPS and its where many top players got their start in online ssb64. Clan was active from 2008-2012. At its peak the clan had over 20 members who were known as skilled smashers and had their own website and forums. They also competed in a clan battle with the clan "Legion of Smash" and lost by 4 stocks. They planned to do many other clan battles with other clans on kaillera before the online scene began to die down.


Former Leaders/Founders[edit]

  • Shablivion: A semi pro smasher form Barbados. Mains Mario.
  • YBOMBB: semi-professional smasher from Canada. Uses most characters, but he mains Jigglypuff.
  • YAB: Semi pro smasher from Mississippi. Mained Pikachu and was well respected among peers on kaillera.
  • Nova (Georgia) : Semi pro smasher from Atlanta. Mains Captain Falcon and Mario

Former members[edit]

  • Jbandrew - a Semi-professional American smasher who mains Fox and Luigi.
  • Legendary - a Semi-professional smasher from Indiana who mains Fox, Captain Falcon, and Pikachu.
  • AFT: a Semi-professional smasher who mains Fox and Captain Falcon.
  • Kows: A semi pro smasher who mained Fox and mario. Was known as one of the best Fox mains on the server. Played 2007-2010.
  • Sin: Semi-professional American smasher who mains Ness and Mario.
  • Denken: semi-professional smasher who mains Ness and Jigglypuff. He is a former PPS member.
  • ZhinShin: A Semi-Professional smasher who mains Link. He is also the co-founder of the old "League of Extraordinary Smashers (LES)" Clan.
  • Kabal: Smasher who mains Samus and Pikachu.
  • Zodiac: A semi pro smasher form Pennsylvania. Mains Pikachu.
  • Star King: Professional Smasher who mained Kirby, Yoshi and Fox.
  • Supa: Professional smasher from Michigan. Mains Captain Falcon and Fox
  • Sex: Professional smasher. He mains Pikachu and Fox, but can use many characters.
  • Dext3r: Professional smasher who became one of the top players in the world called NBK his home before leaving to join PPS. Mains Pikachu and Fox.


Players got into NBK by being tested by shablivion

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