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I made a bunch of changes to the intro & overview, and revamped the 'Pros & Cons' section. But I still don't think it's quite done. E.G. what's the point of mentioning she can moonwalk? Every character can moonwalk, and I don't think it's particularly useful (or useful at all) with Zelda. I've never used moonwalking with her, but like I said, I don't think it's usful. (In fact I think i'll go back and remove that unless somebody thinks it should be noted for some reason.) I added to and changed the priority section a bit too, but I could add a lot more I think. Also, I don't think it's practical to mention she can combo space animals as a "Pro"(for in the Pro/Cons section) since she's not going to be playing against them, and therefore using those combos against them, in higher-end play. Similarly, I havn't really looked at the sections about fighing fast-fallers since they're bad match-ups for her at high levels anyway. In other words: Is it really practical to give advice for match-ups that are such bad counters that they should be avoided anyway? - DRGN

Well, She of course at higher gameplay she isn't used against space animals or Captain falcon. But what we are trying to do is mention all possible aspects of Zelda. Even if it's inpractical to do something. If it's useless Like "Moonwalk" I can understand. But mentioning how to fight space animals is good for those people who just want to know so they can give the match-up a challenge. Smashwiki shouldn't be just advance competition advice, But rather ALL advice. Do you agree? Also Good job on the priority section for Zelda's Meteor, I stuck it to only Fox and Falco, when I coulda Generalized it more.- Zone


How do we open up a new page for Match-ups for Zelda like I saw on other character files? Also I'm gonna make video examples for some of the ideals I put in for Zelda. - Zone

Well I did some investigating and found that the 'Zelda Match-ups' page already exist (as well as all of the other Match-up pages, though there are several that are blank (including Zelda's), and I don't think any are completed yet). They were created by Respawn a while back, and luckily they weren't deleted for being incomplete. So once I have some more time today i'm going to start editing her Match-ups page, and then link it to her article page. - DRGN 14:33, April 11, 2007 (GMT)