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What about items?

No items. That's a given. Clarinet Hawk (talk · contributions) 15:59, 3 November 2008 (UTC)

Though i love isai, "(isai discovered this)" isn't relevant to the article.

Legality of Classic Controller Pro[edit]

When one is using a Wii with the Virtual Console version of the game, is it valid to use the Classic Controller Pro? Spabble (talk) 18:45, 27 November 2013 (EST)

Don't see why not. And that's the controller I use. Scr7Scr7 sig.png(talk · contribs) 11:06, 28 November 2013 (EST)
For some reason the actual N64 is preferred but yeah, any Wii controller is ok as well. Dots (talk) MewtwoMS.png The Gamer 11:10, 28 November 2013 (EST)
The actual N64 is preferred due to the VC version sometimes causing frame delay. Scr7Scr7 sig.png(talk · contribs) 11:11, 28 November 2013 (EST)

This needs to be updated[edit]

Apex ruleset has hyrule banned, and the first match is always on dreamland. Dreamland is deemed neutral, so a person can always counterpick there —Preceding unsigned comment added by Herbert Von Karajan (talkcontribs) 00:47, 22 July 2014 (EDT)

Link to a source and then adjust the information on this page accordingly. Blue Ninjakoopa 00:47, 22 July 2014 (EDT)