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Should we split the article for "sweet spot" into two articles describing each definition? That would seem most logical to me, especially considering each use of the term "sweet spot" is equally important. --MaskedMarth 17:12, October 26, 2006 (GMT)

also, we cant say the sweetspot is the strongest part AND the best comboing part because those can be two different parts of the same move...--Simna ibn Sind 23:28, October 26, 2006 (GMT)

most useful part of the move, perhaps? or is it only the most powerful part? --MaskedMarth 04:24, October 27, 2006 (GMT)

We should definately split the two articles. One about the sweet spot for attacks and another for sweet spotting the edge.--SpeedYoshi 23:03, October 27, 2006 (EST)

i think sweetspot for attacks should be the part with the best knockback...otherwise the attack is sour spotted.--Simna ibn Sind 05:34, October 27, 2006 (GMT)

i take this to be a general concensus on splitting the article, so i'll create two articles sweet spot (hitbox) and sweet spot (ledge), and turn sweet spot into a disambig page. feel free to discuss the names in their respective talk pages. --MaskedMarth 13:57, October 27, 2006 (GMT)