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Te fajaste chamo[edit]

DP, I'm not pretty sure if we can do an article of a character that is just a sticker, what we can do is make an artcile about the Sonic The hedgehog 2006 game and state that silver appears in brawl as a sticker, but that would be odd since that game never appeared in a nintendo console.--Fandangox 18:53, December 9, 2007 (EST)

3rd Party characters are in Brawl, this isn't just Nintendo anymore. ;) Make the darn article, I knew I'd waste my time with this. -.-' - Pokemon DP

I'm sure that articles on a sticker can have an article just like trophies can. Y como el se fallo? Magiciandude 11:27, December 10, 2007 (EST)

I agree; if a character makes an appearance in a Smash Bros. game in an "official cameo" format like a trophy and/or sticker, I think that's grounds for us to make an article on that character (but not a separate article on the trophy or sticker itself). And stickers will most likely be depicting all sorts of things that don't get descriptive trophies, so describing the characters and items on them here seems informative. Erik, Lord of Universes 12:44, December 10, 2007 (EST)
Te fajaste doesnt actually have words in english it is an expretions that could be translate to "you did well" or "you worked hard" also y wasn't sure aboutb the article. (despite that I didn't realize that I was already creating a article of charatcers that appeared just as throphies) Sorry for the confusion DP--Fandangox 15:30, December 10, 2007 (EST)
No problemo! I was bored, so I decided to make this. :| - Pokemon DP - Besides, Silver is my favorite Sonic character. :)