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I don't like the amount of technical terms that are in the definitions. There needs to be video links so players can actually visualize the technique. Especially because pillaring is pretty simple, but the definition/guide makes it sound ridicuous and scary.


Articles are not guides. We need to tell the reader what pillaring is, not just how to do it.


Pillaring is when the opponent has his shield up and you SHFFL ADA to try and break their shield, forcing them to roll back. In this article, pillaring is being confused with shine comboing, which refers to shine then ADA and to shine again.

James Sparrow[edit]

Basically I'm just repeating what Kidprecision said, this is all shine combo'ing, not pillar. Pillar is a way to eat shield and not get grabbed.

Hm... I've heard it used either way. I remember a commentary of some MLG match in which the commentator called what's described in the article "pillaring." --Greenblob 00:52, April 20, 2007 (GMT)


I think the important thing to note is: EVERYBODY uses the term pillaring to mean dair > shine comboing anymore. The old definition is all but lost. I think it's time we accept that. Definitions change. It happens in dictionaries all the time. I think the Pillaring page should reflect what 99% of the community uses it to mean, not what the 1% of purists think it should mean. Fear4 (talk) 19:56, 3 May 2009 (UTC)