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What do you think this stage is supposed to be?[edit]

Being unfamiliar with Fatal Fury/King of Fighters, I tried doing some research to see what the Fatal Fury stage is supposed to be. I saw that there's a tournament of some sort in the games or something, but is there a specific name for the stadium it takes place in? And what Fatal Fury game is this stage even from? RyuHacco (talk) 07:43, September 11, 2019 (EDT)

About the origin[edit]

Honestly, I feel this stage resembles the Antonov Super Arena XIV much more than the Stadium from XII. It would make sense too, since XIV is the most recent title and the stage already pays lip service to it through using the updated designs for multiple characters on it. For example, the Smash stage features a metal runway as the main fighting area while there's a large, green expanse in the background as well as a large jumbotron and the stage as a whole consistently has a very muted metallic tone to it. While it's not exactly the same, Antonov Super Arena checks all the boxes while still leaving room for elements from other stadiums across the series like Kagura Stadium. XII's Stadium, in contrast, is a large, brightly colored arena that looks more like an ice rink with its flat, shiny floor complete with an amusement park in the background. I'm not saying it's not based on it at all, but I think it derives a lot more from XIV's Super Arena.

tl;dr Compare the Smash stage to both Antonov Super Arena from XIV and the Stadium from XII and see which one looks more similar for yourself.

TotallyNotAutomated (talk) 00:42, January 12, 2020 (EST)