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"(she will always Up + B, even if Popo is nowhere near her)"

This is patently incorrect. Nana will NEVER up+b or forward+b by herself. She'll only do this when she's near Popo and not currently attacking or tumbling. This at least is true for the NTSC version of the game; are things different in PAL, Yuna? --nealdt 16:57, August 11, 2006 (GMT)
  • 1 year later* No, it's the same in PAL =p --Slhoka 23:28 : GMT+2:00

We need more detail on the Ice Climber's non-smash Bio[edit]

Title says all. Johnknight1 13:12, 7 October 2007 (PCT)

They don't even have a large appearances in games that are non-smash related. I do believe they only made one appearance in one game and it was their game for the nes.

Yes they only had one game, but still, there is lots to expand on. Anyways, they also appeared in some VS. Nintendo game thingy from what I heard, that was a Japanese only game, that featured VS. mode gameplay of many NES games towards the end of the NES era. I think we should look into that Vs. Nintendo thing (also, I have a ROM of this VS. Nintendo thing, but sadly, it's in Japanese). Johnknight1 16:13, October 9, 2007 (PCT)