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OK all who are willing. I need lots of help. I need all the moveset to look all alike. I need people willing to help! If you choose to accept this challenge, use Meta Knight's moveset as a perfect example. If you want to help the cause, leave your username under the category on my userpage called "Recruiting". This message is also there. Let's fix these movesets. --Oxico (talk) 20:49, 27 May 2008 (UTC)

Old >B stuff[edit]

IGN is a fairly reputable gaming website. Their impressions should be allowed as tentative confirmation at the very least. It is not as if the information were gleaned from some seedy fan-run site; IGN is an objective gaming news site, and I believe that their hands-on impressions should be allowed usage on the wiki. I will repost the source of the information, and mention it on the article itself, but--to appease you--I will not use a tentative name, quantified or otherwise, on the Special Moves section. Aeris 14:19, October 14, 2007 (EDT)

Isn't his side Special (side B) Chimp Charge=??? Can I get someone to confirm this=??? Johnknight1 16:26, October 20, 2007 (EDT)

I think we should say what the down and side b moves (might) do. I didn't like having to search the other site, so I'll enter the information.--Oxico 21:33, December 24, 2007 (EST)


It's Chimp Charge, he jumps on the enemy and it acts as a grab, he punches their face countless times.

Ethanrodgers223 11:33, October 24, 2007 (EDT)ethanrodgers223

I'm Just curious, but what are the unverified claims about?

His side and down B moves, methinks .M Shark 19:09, November 11, 2007 (EST)


I was looking through some past Dojo updates, when i found something possibly interesting in one of the screenshots.

It's in this update:

Go to the bottom and find Snake's screenshot. Diddy is on that one too, and to me it looks like he's crawling. Dilophosaurus Rex

Maybe he's just crouching. ¬_¬ Darkurai 16:00, December 3, 2007 (EST)
Snake and Wario were seen crawling in one of the videos, maybe everyone can. M Shark 17:56, December 4, 2007 (EST)
Yes, maybe, but the point here is that we cannot tell the difference from a picture.--Fandangox 18:01, December 4, 2007 (EST)

Subspace Final Smash?![edit]

Diddy isn't the only character to use his Final Smash in SSE. If you watch the video when Ike destroys the Subspace Bomb, he clearly says Great Aether- at least, that is what seems to occur on my game. Isn't this accurate? 19:11, 23 February 2009 (UTC)A Lucas Smasher ^-^

Actually that was sort of a video typo. He's only doing normal ather(did i spell that right?) 21:53, April 28, 2010 (UTC) Skyblast9 (no account)