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The official English site for Super Smash Bros. which was opened until Melee's release in 2001.

The website gives information about all of the characters, shows videos, techniques, and images.


Much like the official sites for its future sequels, the official website for Super Smash Bros. is relatively sparse on content focusing primarily on a basic overview of the game and its cast of playable fighters. The front page is simply the words "Super Smash Bros." in a stylized font, with comic book panels of the fighters occasionally appearing over it. After pressing the "click to enter" button, the viewer is taken to the main content of the site.

The main page is simply a portal to all other pages. The eight starters are featured prominently on the front page and each have a dedicated page containing a bio, a moveset description with pictures, and a description of their corresponding stage. The four unlockable fighters being relegated to the "Hidden" section of the site with advice on how to unlock them being featured on their fighter overview pages.

The "Moves" page has the viewer pick a specific move from a list and hit the "Go!" button, where they are taken to where that move is described. There are two categories: "Basic Moves" and "Advanced Moves."

The "Modes & Stages" page describes the various game modes available: including "One-Player", "Two-To Four-Player Vs. Modes" such as "Time" and "Stock," and "Bonus Stages."

The "Power-Ups" page, like the "Moves" page, has the viewer pick a specific item from a list and hit the "Go!" button, where they are taken to where that item is described.

The "Smash Cards" page allowed viewers to send "cards" containing artwork of several fighters to other viewers.

Most notably, there's a poll that can be taken with one question in particular asking voters which Nintendo character they felt should have been added to the game, though it is unknown if this poll was taken into consideration when Masahiro Sakurai began development on Super Smash Bros. Melee.


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