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Omnigamer...I dont know what was going on....but it seemed sumhow that MFS that was banned got back in and added that stuff again about vidjo quitting--Simna ibn Sind 23:41, August 7, 2006 (GMT)

All right, from what I've read before, I don't think Vidjogamer should be stated as "the best Peach player in America". It wouldn't be right to single him out with such a title especially with other players like Wife and Sastopher, it can't be undisputedly decided who can have such a title. While although he IS the highest ranked Peach player overall, (it's made sure to mention that) that in itself should be seperated as a fact rather than making an opinion and stating that as a fact. The truth is, there isn't soley just one best Peach player in the nation, there's too many that are of equal skill whom also use Peach. So all in all, it would be BEST to leave it as that.

Also, if Vidjogamer doesn't have a crew, then no one write "independent". Just leave his crew position as blank if he doesn't have one.

--Chip May 16, 2007

Humorous Side-Note[edit]

I propose we either remove, or clean-up the side-note. It looks like a dictionary threw up onto this page. WashiWashi signature.png 13:46, 12 October 2013 (EDT)