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Notability of Results[edit]

Okay there's something that I feel needs to be addressed about this article. The vast majority of results listed do not carry any weight. Smash @ Gamer's Vault/SmashLoft weeklies are small weeklies that frequently don't even attract the strongest players in the region. They're only notable on the local level, as such I don't believe they have any merit on here. Republic of Fighters 3 only featured 37 entrants for PM. hf.lan 7 only had 20, and if you look at the challonge steakhouse got 9th only on a bye. The Baz Special had 17. I wasn't able to find any information on Gamer's Gathering 3 or Super Vs. Battle 2014, but I'd hazard a guess that they were also similarly small events (if anyone has any info about the size of these, let me know).

Smash Intensifies was a sizeable regional, so that's fine. KTAR XI doubles only featured 19 teams, though there were enough high level players there that it's probably fine as well.

If nobody has anything to say on the contrary, then I will go ahead and remove all the results asides from the aforementioned two (Smash Intensifies and KTAR XI) that were of enough notability to remain. 14:39, 6 February 2015 (EST)

Imma go ahead and add back Super VS Battle (feat Prof Pro, Fuzzyness, Charby (best PM Marth in France), Mahie (2nd best ZSS in Europe behind Leffen, got 17th at BEAST5) and the majority of the UK scene. Challonge bracket was linked, you could've checked it before deleting a tournament record. Likewise, Gamer's Gathering featured EMG|Leon as well as the entirety of the French PM scene bar Mahie (Ikuzen, Charby, TreK to name a few). "Only" 20 entrants in france was half the scene at the moment, so hf.lan, which had similar attendance as well as nearly every top melee player, stays legit as well. Will add lan ETS and polybash 15 data as well