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I dunno how to do wikitalk or anything but: I said brad has the best spacing in calgary, not central canada, and in addition, it's an outdated quote. etc.-Levi

Also no one really changed it so i guess i might as well. gg.....Actually I looked at it and i might as well delete the entire paragraph becuase it's pointless to have it say outdated quote "best spacing in calgary...etc" and then say stuff about Sid. and in case you can't really find it or you think it's fitting to keep it for some reason i'll just put what i removed in quotations here: "Fellow Calgarian smasher =] has been quoted as saying, "Brad has the best spacing in central Canada," though this is disputed to be an obscure title to begin with and would no doubt be challenged by Edmonton Pikachu main, LemonLau." -Levi