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There are too many conflicting information. According to the wiki, Gage is the 2nd place winner of Congrats Again: Another North Florida Regional however it has been stated that the correct tag should be Brae. The tournament was not a large tournament either with only 47 entrants competing. Another issue pops up again when examining Jacksonville Power Ranking where Brae is the correct name.

There are no recording of a smasher ever named Gage or Brae in CEO 2015 according to the qualifying pools let alone a place ranking system of anyone who did not place above top 32, so those results are inaccurate.

There are no source of a SBR II (Smash Backroom II??) ever existing as a viable notable tournament. And since Lilpump420 (talkcontribslogs) has decided to not complete this, I would see no point of there being a page for this smasher due to 1) low placing among tournaments, 2) incorrect gamertag, 3) lack of source material, and 4) no general knowledge of player details. Please review and provide any further inquiry admins. Lv20ninja For personal signature use (talk) 10:34, 31 August 2017 (EDT)