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-He IS notable-[edit]

He is active and goes to many local and national tourneys

It was this child's first tournament and he ended up playing against FoCus in pools. FoCus felt it was his duty to welcome him to the real world, so he timed him out with Sheik. It was hard to watch, even harder for the kid's parents. It was his first, and his last tournament. Point is while he may not have tournament results, that level of cruelty is fairly notable.

phil0z:When Jason and Big D team up to become AkiSora, they have been notorious for using the "wincest" team combo

also known as the senpai of bc smash

He is a very locally famous player in Vancouver known for helping newer players and going to nationals frequently in Alberta, Washington, and soon EVO2015. Up and coming top Sheik player with many vods on youtube