Smasher:The Duchess

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The Duchess "Ducky"
SSB64 main Fox
Other SSB64
Captain Falcon
Crew(s) TR3G
Skill Super Smash Bros. Pro-am
Additional info
Location New York USA

Ducky (also known as The Duchess) is an up-and-coming smasher hailing from New York who discovered online Smash 64 play in November 2013.

Discovered by fellow Fox players Rainshifter and Hipstur, he was allowed into the crew TR3G as a result of his promising performance. He is currently trained by the rest of TR3G, mostly Hipstur, Get $$$ and Rainshifter.

Tournament placings[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Japanese Style SSB64 Tourney January-February 2014 9th
Sheer's TIMED online tourney March-April 2014 13th
The Z's IRONMAN Online Tourney September 2014 9th