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smelly cat
Character info
Smash 64 main Captain Falcon
Melee mains Marth, Fox
Team info
Crew(s) SC
Personal and other info
Real name Neil C
Location New Jersey United states

Smelly Cat is a smasher from central New Jersey. He was first introduced to competitive smash by friend and fellow smasher, Parallax, in late 2006.

smelly cat primarily plays Melee, participating in various tournaments along the East Coast and in the Tristate Area. He prefers to play higher tier characters, maining Captain Falcon, Marth, and Fox, though his favorite character is the Ice Climbers.

Tournament placings[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Zenith 2012 May 26th-27th, 2012 33rd
COA VI November 1st, 2014 5th

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