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Character info
Ultimate main Sheik
Team info
Crew(s) Popi Army
Personal and other info
Real name Stefano Biglia
Birth date (age 19)
Location Argentina Argentina

Nano is a smasher from Argentina that is considered as one of the best Sheik mains in South America, and has taken sets off of players in Wi-Fi tournaments such as Jecofi, More, Juanca, Rayito, Zaji, Diptox, Byaks, and Maurus. In offfline tournaments, Nano was able to defeat players like Conia, Aivo, Ipu, KPC, Josué, Juanca, Kaizen, and Popi.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Thunder Series 1 May 30th, 2020 49th
Thunder Series 2 June 7th, 2020 97th
Thunder Series 3 June 13th, 2020 33rd
Thunder Series 4 June 20th, 2020 65th
Coin Cup #6 July 7th, 2020 13th
Thunder Series 7 July 11th, 2020 49th
Coin Cup #8 July 21st-22nd, 2020 9th
Coin Cup #10 August 4th-5th. 2020 17th
Distance Demon 4 August 15th, 2020 13th
Smash Chronicles 2 August 23rd, 2020 13th
GNZ SERIES #3 September 3rd, 2020 4th
Training Stage 3 September 13th, 2020 1st
Smash Chronicles 4 September 19th-20th, 2020 17th
Coliseo Flash Tournament December 5th, 2020 9th
Smash Chronicles 9 December 13th-14th, 2020 9th
Cyrano Luck League Express 19 December 29th, 2020 9th
Back 2 The Stage 1 January 24th, 2021 5th
Back 2 The Stage Last Chance Qualifier February 14th, 2021 9th
Uppercut August 21st-22nd, 2021 17th
Sweetspot 3 April 23rd, 2023 9th
Tomahawk 3 April 29th, 2023 13th

Gameplay videos[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

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