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Lampadaires "PKMVodka"
Character info
Melee mains Marth, Falco
Other Melee characters Captain Falcon, Donkey Kong, Link, Sheik, Fox, Captain Falcon
Team info
Crew(s) No Mercy feat. pkmvodka
Personal and other info
Location Saint-Jérôme, Quebec Canada

Lampadaires, previously known as PKMVodka, is a Canadian professional smasher native to Saint-Jérôme, Québec, and is considered one of the best players in Canada. His main character is Marth, although he frequently plays many other characters. He was often referred to simply as "PKM" or "Vodka", and is occasionally called "The Canadian Azen". He was previously ranked 4th on the Montreal Melee Power Rankings and has been considered retired since the beginning of 2015.


pkmvodka first began playing Super Smash Bros. Melee on December 3, 2001, the day of its release in North America. Having previously played the Nintendo 64's Super Smash Bros. with a friend, he was highly awaiting its sequel in order to obtain and master its gameplay. It was not until 2003 when he was exposed to the advanced techniques of the game. After watching Taka's 11k Ganon video, his dream was to achieve such a high score, which is presumably where pkmvodka became a dedicated smasher. The following summer, he got his first gasp of competition outside of Saint-Jérôme at La Ronde, where he failed miserably. However, he was determined to get better at the game.

In spring 2004, pkmvodka met smashers Chesterr01 and Testrider at a smashfest, only to learn that Testrider was the very player who defeated him in summer 2003. From then on, pkmvodka got exponentially better, meeting with various other players from around Montréal. He quickly became one of the best players in the city.

In August 2005, pkmvodka attended his first out of state tournament, in Toronto, Ontario. Accompanied by chesterr01, they played against many veteran smashers known from the community including MetaKnight0, jv3x3 and sprocket. pkmvodka ranked fifth in the tournament, bested by jv3x3 in the winner's bracket, and by chesterr01 in loser's bracket. By then, he realized how traveling and tournament presence is important to the evolution of a smasher's skill.

In December 2005, pkmvodka attended No Mercy vs the World, Montreal's first true tournament. This was also the foundation of the crew No Mercy feat. pkmvodka. He ranked first in singles, fourth in doubles (teaming with a friend who at the time was a casual gamer) and first in crews. This was the beginning of his winning streak; pkmvodka went on to rank first in singles for three tournaments in a row.

In August 2006, pkmvodka attended his first American tournament, the Zero Challenge 2, in Fountain Valley, California. He was accompanied by chesterr01 and Vwins. He ranked 25th in singles, out of 192 entrants. He was defeated by SOS in the winner's bracket, and by Manacloud in the loser's bracket.

Tournament placings[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Zero Challenge 2 August 15th-17th, 2006 25th 17th Vwins
Smash 'Til You Drop 2 February 24th, 2007 3rd
Twilight of Smash 3 May 12th, 2007 3rd 2nd Gpwn
TransCanada Tournament June 30th-July 1st, 2007 5th 4th Kage
MELEE-FC Diamond July 12th-14th, 2007 57th 13th Chesterr01
Zero Challenge 3 July 20th-22nd, 2007 9th 25th Chesterr01
Smash For Fun 2 October 20th, 2007 2nd 5th Jarc
Viva La Smashtaclysm November 10th-11th, 2007 33rd
CAST 4 November 22nd-23rd, 2008 1st Bam
GENESIS July 10th-12th, 2009 65th 9th Vwins
Revival of Melee 2 November 21st-22nd, 2009 25th 7th Kage
Starfurry 5 May 2nd, 2009 5th 2nd KirbyKaze
Pound 4 January 16th-18th, 2010 65th 9th Kage
Smash t'ill you Crash July 19th, 2010 2nd 2nd Kage
SmashLoft Melee #14 April 26th, 2013 2nd
SmashLoft Melee #21 June 21st, 2013 1st
Smash Till You Crash 4 August 24th-25th, 2013 7th 3rd Europhoria
Polybash XIII March 1st-2nd, 2014 5th 4th Diakonos