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Mr. Game & Watch
Updated January 29th, 2002

This character comes from the "Game & Watch" series of LCD game devices.
Why make this unexpected choice?

Game & Watch began being sold in the 80's.
It continued being sold abroad until '93, and has sold a whopping 40 million units worldwide.
That's on par with Mario.

Game & Watch does not use cartridges.
Each system has two games, involving moving around solid-black people frame-by-frame across the LCD screen.

In Smash Bros, Mr. Game & Watch is a reproduction of these characters.
Each of his attacks and special moves hail from a different game. Wow!
(How many can you recognize?)

His flatness and frame-by-frame motion have been painstakingly recreated.
In fact, during development, even his motions were frame-by-frame, but that was changed to be more traditional because it was too hard to play...

It should be noted that, even though Game & Watch devices can be hard to find, players can still play the "Game Boy Gallery" series on e-Reader.

How to unlock:
Clear Classic, Adventure, or Break the Targets with all characters except Mr. Game & Watch.
Or play 1000 versus matches.

His Break the Targets stage is short and simple.

Mr. Game & Watch in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

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G&W photo.jpg MrG&W jumping.jpg SSBM G&W moveset page u-tilt.jpg
This is a Game & Watch. The oldest of all portable game characters is back with the latest technology!
From Smabura-Ken. Oil Panic Melee.jpg Flatzone copy.jpg
The effect and power of "Judge" is based on the number that comes up. Down special is Oil Panic, which turns three projectiles into an oil attack of double the total damage. This is his home stage, Flat Zone!
How to unlock:
Clear any sinple-player mode with Mr. Game & Watch.

Table of Mr. Game & Watch's special moves
Normal special move Chef
Side special move Judge
Up special move Fire
Down special move Oil Panic