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Updated January 8th, 2002

It's not ミューツー. (Just to be clear)

Well known as the strongest Pokémon, it employs various ESP abilities.
It's also highly intelligent, or so they say.

You'll notice that the way it controls is very peculiar.
Whether you're walking or running, it ends up carrying itself through the air.
It doesn't roll.
As you'd expect from one with powerful psychic abilities.

Basically, it's all-around, with decent offense, and has a lot of techniques at it's disposal.
I'd say it can adapt well to any situation.
(But it might not do so well in a free-for-all)

However, it has the disadvantage of being rather light.
Rather than due to it's body weight, it's easy to knock away because it's always floating.

Rather than being a powerhouse, I've given it a lot of technical potential.
This character can be enjoyed in many different ways.

How to unlock:
Have total versus time exceed 20 hours.
Or play 700 versus matches.

"Total versus time" is taken from the amount of time each individual person plays.
If you connect 4 controllers, set the game to stock, and turn off items (to prevent self-destructs), you can just wait 5 hours
and then leave.

Mewtwo in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

SW:1226 Note
Descriptions from images in this gallery are written here instead of on individual pages.
For SW:1226 Confusion.jpg Mewtwo releases shadow ball
Mewtwo. Finally it appears. Confusion mysteriously reflects projectiles using ki. Shadow Ball flies in a strange way that makes it a bit difficult to reflect via powershielding.
For SW:1226 Let's hope I didn't screw this up again. For SW:1226
Electricity and purple fire are at Mewtwo's command. Disable, when it lines up with your opponents eyes, steals their freedom, making it quite dangerous. Carrying items are not held directly.

Table of Mewtwo's special moves
Normal special move Shadow Ball
Side special move Confusion
Up special move Teleport
Down special move Disable