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Updated August 7, 2001

A little late, but here's Mario's appearance!

When making Smash Bros., you have to make Mario again.
Modelling, motion, programming, sound, effects, parameters.

Explanation of these terms:

The appearance, shape, and structure of a character's body

Jumps and punches, and other such character animations

How the character runs and operates in the game

Voice and sound effects

Graphic effects such as smoke, spray, and light

Running speed and falling speed, and other attack configurations

Since Mario is the most basic character, to an extent, this determines the nature of the game.
So, everything is somewhat based off Mario.

Mario in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

SW:1226 Note
Descriptions from images in this gallery are written here instead of on individual pages.
For SW:1226 From Smabura-Ken. Mario using Super Jump Punch on Ness.
Behold! Mario appeared. Mario Tornado. Effectiveness up. Super Jump Punch. With coins.
Ssbmmario4.jpg For SW:1226. Original url: Nintendo of Japan For SW:1226. Original image: Nintendo of Japan
Glove burns with Fireball. Super Cape reverses the direction of the enemy. Side smash, fire palm!

(Screenshots under development)

Table of Mario's special moves
Normal special move Fireball
Side special move Super Cape
Up special move Super Jump Punch
Down special move Mario Tornado