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Updated November 27, 2001

I never said "Luigi will not appear".
I thought it would be more enjoyable to not announce Luigi alongside the starting roster pre-release.
Also, I wanted him to remain hidden at first.

For someone who's never played Smash Bros., Luigi may just look like a colour change of Mario's. But the character's properties are significantly different.
Mario and Luigi were clearly separate in the previous game, but their individuality is further highlighted this time, even though they stil have similarities.

Luigi specifically has more advantages and disadvantages.
Take a look at how he plays.

By the way, since I didn't know much about Luigi's Mansion during development, moves involving the Poltergust do not appear.

For this and future hidden characters, I'll note their appearance conditions.

How to unlock:
In stage 1-1 of Adventure Mode, finish the stage with a 2 in the seconds place, then defeat Luigi in less than a minute.
Or play over 800 Melees or Special Melees.

The condition's a bit unusual, but then again so is the character.

Luigi in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

SW:1226 Note
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Uploaded for SW:1226. Original url: Nintendo of Japan From Smabura-Ken. Mario and Luigi using their Fireball attacks in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Source: Nintendo of Japan
Luigi's reveal is a must-see! The Fire Jump Punch is alive and well.
It's stronger when used on the ground.
Fireball, fired from the hand.
It moves straight.
Uploaded for SW:1226. Source: Nintendo of Japan Luigi greenmissle.jpg For SW:1226. Source: Nintendo of Japan
Side smash is "Throat Thrust".
It's a little different than Mario's.
Green Missile.
It's the only way to fly.
Taunt. Is it a meteor this time?!

Table of Luigi's special moves
Normal special move Fireball
Side special move Green Missile
Up special move Super Jump Punch
Down special move Luigi Cyclone