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Updated December 18, 2001

The evil king appears. Ganondorf!
Ganondorf is the human form of Ganon, the final boss in The Legend of Zelda.
This appearance is from Ocarina of Time.

Ganondorf was a lucky character.
In fact, I did not initially plan to include him in Smash Bros.; his participation ened up being due to meeting a few convenient requirements.
(specifically, he was provided with a model very similar in size and shape to Captain Falcon, and would be a popular inclusion)

It's easy to feel that he controls very heavy and sluggish.
Correspondingly, his attack power is higher, and is at less risk of being knocked away due to being heavier.
You could say that where Falcon is technique, Ganondorf is power.

In addition, the particular strong and weak points make a very different character...

How to unlock:
Clear event match 29, Triforce Gathering.
Or play over 600 Vs. matches.

Ganondorf in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

SW:1226 Note
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SSBMDOJO Ganondorf Event 29.jpg This one is very small, but it's the Warlock Punch from Melee. SSBMDOJO Thunder Palm.jpg
In event match 29, the goal is to defeat Ganondorf alongside Zelda. Warlock Punch. Its power and slowness exceed the Falcon Punch! Even weak one-shot attacks have top-class power.
Ganondorfbdownmove.jpg Ganondorfbupmove.jpg Gerudo Dragon
Wizard's Foot. Has just as much slowness as power. Dark Dive. A two-handed electric grasp. Many of Ganondorf's attacks burn with darkness.

Table of Ganondorf's special moves
Normal special move Warlock Punch
Side special move Gerudo Dragon
Up special move Dark Dive
Down special move Wizard's Foot