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[General info]

Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.

Smash Bros. DOJO!! 76-77

- The illusion of "strongest character" -
- To grasp the flow of Smash Bros. -

#76 [Info] The illusion of "strongest character"

Sometimes, I hear people arguing "Who is the strongest character?"
While this is an interesting debate, as every character has their own strengths and weaknesses, there is no true answer.
As previously mentioned, character balance varies based on the number of players.
All characters can use items with equal fairness.
Every character has advantages and disadvantes, so no one is good in every situation. It depends on many factors.
Different players can prefer or value different tactics. There are many ways to counter each one.
It's okay for multiple players to choose the same character. It's okay to not choose characters you think are weak. You can cancel your character choice and select someone else until all players are happy.
In the end, only one thing matters:
the skill of the players!
SSB64DOJO MK scales.gif
Even Jigglypuff.

#77 [Info] To grasp the flow of Smash Bros.

In Smash Bros., unlike conventional fighting games, ad-libbing is the most important skill.
This is the philosophy of Smash Bros.
Stage hazards, randomly appearing items, multi-player battles, the percentage damage system, and most importantly character differences, all bring variety to the battlefield.
Read the flow of battle and ride it to victory.
That is the art of Smash Bros.
Don't think too hard. Don't "remember". Just play.
SSB64DOJO title screen.gif
Only 5800 yen, tax excluded.