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Symbol of the Smash Bros. series. Item Room
These items can be used by anyone.
As such, choose the right one if you want to get ahead.

Item Types and Effects

For SW:1226 Crate

  • A large carrier.
  • It breaks when it hits a character, hits the ground, or takes 15 damage.
  • 1-3 items can appear from it with probability:
1 item: 2/5
2 items: 1/5
3 items: 2/5
  • In addition, there is a separate 1/32 chance that all items that come out will be the same.
  • All carriers have a 1/10 chance to explode when broken and damage all characters.
  • Incidentally, carriers never appear from carriers.

For SW:1226 Barrel

  • A large carrier.
  • Basically the same as a Crate, but starts rolling when thrown if the impact is weak.
  • Rolling Barrels will damage characters.
    Rolling speed is affected by slopes.

For SW:1226 Capsule

  • Small carrier.
  • One item comes out when you break it. It may also explode.
  • In games with small carriers,
    the strategy for getting its contents can be interesting.
    For example, hitting the opponent with the thrown Capsule deals damage but leaves the item next to them, while attacking it directly has a risk of explosion.

Other tactics can be:

  • Break it with a projectile while it's falling to get the contents safely.
  • Throw it downwards to ensure you get the contents.
  • Jump and throw down to avoid any explosion.
  • Throw it up and wait for it to come down.
  • Smash throw it at the enemy and take the contents after they get knocked away.
  • When the opponent is on a platform directly overhead, throw it up at them and then harvest the contents.

For SW:1226 Chansey Egg

  • Basically the same as a Capsule.
  • Only produced by the Pokémon Chansey;
    cannot normally appear on the stage.
  • Originally appeared in the "Pokémon" series.

For SW:1226 Maxim Tomato

  • This item quickly recovers 100 damage.
  • If you are attacked while healing,
    knockback is based on damage at that time.
    It can be a painful experience to let someone else get the tomato.
  • It takes 2 frames to pick up an item.
    You could get attacked before this time.
  • Originally appeared in the "Kirby" series.

For SW:1226 Heart Container

  • Recovers your damage to zero.
  • Aside from the healing power and falling speed, basically the same as the Maxim Tomato.
  • Originally appeared in the "Legend of Zelda" series.

For SW:1226 Star

  • Upon touching a player, immediately makes them invincible for a limited time.
  • This is the only item that can be collected just by touching a character.
  • The player is invincible for 10 seconds.
  • Unlike in "Super Mario Bros.",
    you cannot damage by ramming just because you're invincible.
  • Originally appeared in the "Super Mario" series.

For SW:1226 Beam Sword

  • Striking item.
  • Striking items each have a neutral, strong side, side smash, and dash attack.
  • One of the Sword's features is that it has long reach.
    It has high attack power and is easy to use.

For SW:1226

Link will dual wield.

For SW:1226 Home-Run Bat

  • One of the striking items.
  • When used normally, lacks reach and destructive power.
    However, a smash attack will apply very strong knockback to the opponent.
  • It swings much slower than the others.
  • A smash attack is almost a one-hit KO.
    (not guaranteed if handicap is on)
  • Original but could be considered from the "EarthBound" series, but no item with the name of "home run bat" appeared there.

For SW:1226

Using this is a one-hit KO.
Aim for opponents fighting each other!

For SW:1226 Fan

  • One of the striking items.
  • Swings fast compared to other items.
  • Not much damage. Actually weakens your normal attacks.
  • Shield damage is high; smash attack can break a shield instantly.
  • When thrown, enemies are knocked straight up,
    which can be used strategically.
  • Attacks cause opponents to face the wrong way.
    By using this you can keep flipping the opponent left and right for a continuous hit.
    If this is used against you, breakfall.
  • No true original appearance, but a similar item appears in a sub-game of "Kirby Super Star".

For SW:1226

Kirby closes his eyes for some reason.

For SW:1226 Star Rod

  • One of the striking items.
  • Using a strong or smash attack will shoot a star.
  • Star shots have their range, speed, and power increased when smashed.
  • When thrown, hits enemies perfectly horizontally.
    A smash throw on a reasonably-damaged opponent
    can be very dangerous.
  • Originally from the "Kirby" series.
    The Star Rod can be used in "Kirby's Adventure".

For SW:1226

This mismatch is also available.

For SW:1226 Ray Gun

  • Shooting item.
    With shooting items, your neutral, strong side, side smash, and neutral aerial attacks become item shots.
    Power is not affected by the input used.
  • Excellent power and speed, and the shot itself has near unlimited range.
  • Holds 16 shots. Then it runs out of ammo and cannot shoot.
  • It's a good idea to throw shooting items that run out of ammo.
    That said, throwing with ammo remaining can be a surprise.
  • If out of ammo,
    a shooting item can be thrown with a side smash.
  • Depending on damage, it's possible to hit one opponent with one shot after another.
    If this happens to you, use your double jump to disrupt the timing.

For SW:1226

Try to remember how much ammo you have remaining.

For SW:1226 Fire Flower

  • Shooting item.
  • Has 60 shots. One A button press fires 5 shots.
  • If you hold down the button or press repeatedly,
    the flame will be continuous.
  • The flames last a certain period, during which the multiple hits can be hard to escape
    then smash throw it at opponents to catch them off guard.
  • Originally appeared in the "Super Mario" series.

For SW:1226

Just keep hitting the button.

For SW:1226 Hammer

  • Special striking item.
  • The moment you pick it up, you swing the Hammer like mad.
  • Time-limited.
  • Actions are limited while you hold the Hammer:
    you cannot attack (except getups), double jump, shield,
    dodge, or grab edges.
  • The Hammer is powerful, but since double jumping is disabled, you can attack while invincible after being KO'd.
    Counterattack examples:
    • Get-up attack
    • Use invincibility after being KO'd
    • Stone
    • Hookshot
    • Grappling Beam
    • Hand Slap
    • PK Fire
    • Shooting items
    • Throwing items
    • Invincibility star
    • Pokémon (protect yourself by standing intside its range)
  • Originally appeared in "Donkey Kong (NES)".

For SW:1226

This is your chance! But it's more like you're in a pinch?

For SW:1226 Motion-Sensor Bomb

  • Throwing item.
  • Sticks to terrain (wall, ceiling, or floor).
  • After 100 frames, explodes when a character passes within a short distance.
  • Bombs stuck on terrain also xplode when attacked.
  • If placed by an enemy, there are ways to remove it.
    Examples of removing Motion-Sensor Bombs on floors:
    • Link's side smash attack (just the tip)
    • Bomb
    • Bomb (easy to do from the air)
    • Fireball
    • Egg Throw (low trajectory)
    • Final Cutter projtectile
    • Stone
    • Thunder Jolt
    • PK Thunder (you can even use the body hit, even directly)
    • Thrown item
    • Beam Sword (just the tip)
    • Fire Flower
    • Star
    • Shell
    • Dodge (using the invincibility)
  • Originally appeared in "GoldenEye 007".

For SW:1226 Bob-omb

  • Throwing item.
  • Starts walking 3 seconds after it appears,
    and explodes 8 seconds after starting to walk.
  • While walking, explodes on contant with any character.
  • Also explodes if you attack it. So don't attack it.
  • Doesn't explode over time if picked up,
    but will if attacked.
  • Originally appeared in the "Super Mario" series.

For SW:1226 Bumper

  • Throwing item.
  • Base damage when thrown is only 1,
    not counting damage added by throw speed.
  • Deals a certain amount of knockback regardless of the opponent's damage.
  • Attaches itself to the floor once thrown.
    Knocks away opponents when touched in this state.
  • Once placed on floor, disappears after 6 seconds.

For SW:1226 Green Shell

  • Throwing item.
  • When thrown or attacked, slides across the floor.
  • Like normal items,
    disappears if thrown and stationary,
    so attack it to make it last longer.
  • If you reflect an attack, its speed (and therefore power) go up.
  • You can also attack an active shell to change its speed.
    However, it can never be hit vertically.
  • Even to the character that used it, it will attack without mercy.
  • Originally from the "Super Mario" series, while the behaviour differences between green and red shells is from "Mario Kart".

For SW:1226 Red Shell

  • Throwing item.
  • Like the Green Shell, slides when attacked.
  • Aims towards the horizontal position of nearby characters.
    You can be on a different floor,
    and it will follow you anyway.
  • Belongs to whoever last attacked it. (Green Shell is the same.)
    For example, if Link throws a Red Shell,
    and Mario hits it with a Fireball,
    if the Red Shell then KOs someone,
    Mario gets a point.

For SW:1226 Poké Ball

  • Throwing item.
  • A random Pokémon comes out. Can be one of 13.
  • The player who opened the Poké Ball (the master) cannot be hit by the Pokémon's attack.
  • Likewise, the Pokémon's attack belongs to the master, so if the Pokémon KOs someone, the master gets the point.
  • It is possible to hit enemies by throwing the Poké Ball itself.
    But it might be preferable to throw it down so it cannot fall off the screen.
  • The master should co-operate with the Pokémon.
    I like to drive the enemy towards the Pokémon's location.
  • Each Pokémon uses a move in accordance with the "Pokémon" series.
    Pikachu and Jigglypuff's attack names are written in Hiragana to conform to how the originals are.

[Topic] About the attack power of items

Throwing item damage

The damage of an item that hits an enemy is defined as follows:
Total damage = base attack power + (speed × 0.1)
In other words, faster items do more damage.
This is why smash throwing is super-important,
and why damage can change due to gravity.
In addition, damage is halved if an item is simply dropped.

Striking item damage

  • Though any character can use striking items,
    the damage is the same for each one.

    (the same move of the same item does the same damage whether it's Link or Pikachu)
  • However, due to the difference of range and motion,
    they may still have different uses.
  • The striking items of Beam Sword, Home-Run Bat, Fan, and Star Rod each have four attacks of neutral, strong side, side smash, and dash.