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Shulk (SSB4)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 ShulkJab1.gif
Neutral attack 2 ShulkJab2.gif
Neutral attack 3 ShulkJab3.gif
Forward tilt ShulkFTilt.gif
Up tilt ShulkUpTilt.gif
Down tilt ShulkDTilt.gif
Dash attack ShulkDashAttack.gif
Forward smash ShulkFSmash.gif
Forward smash (angled up) ShulkFSmashUp.gif
Forward smash (angled down) ShulkFSmashDown.gif
Up smash ShulkUpSmash.gif
Down smash ShulkDSmash.gif
Neutral aerial ShulkNAir.gif
Forward aerial ShulkFAir.gif
Back aerial ShulkBAir.gif
Up aerial ShulkUpAir.gif
Down aerial ShulkDAir.gif
Side special Back Slash ShulkBackSlash.gif
Up special 1 Air Slash ShulkAirSlash1.gif
Up special 2 Air Slash ShulkAirSlash2.gif
Down special Vision ShulkVision.gif
Down special (hit) Vision ShulkVisionF.gif
Grab ShulkGrab.gif
Dash grab ShulkGrabDash.gif
Pivot grab ShulkGrabPivot.gif
Pummel ShulkPummel.gif
Forward throw (collateral) ShulkThrowForward.gif
Back throw (collateral) ShulkThrowBack.gif
Up throw (collateral) ShulkThrowUp.gif
Down throw (collateral) ShulkThrowDown.gif