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Shake Smash

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Shake Smash is a function in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U that allows the player to shake the Wii remote to perform smash attacks as though it were a C-stick. Deactivated by default, the option must be manually turned on in the controls menu, with only the Wii remote + Nunchuk control scheme supporting shake smash.


The inclusion of motion controls in Brawl was initially debated among the game's designers. Late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata wanted Brawl to feature no integration of the Wii remote's motion capabilities, feeling that it would interfere with gameplay. Despite this, the designers of Brawl still tried to find some limited uses for it. Initially, shaking the Wii Remote was intended to cause players to taunt, but it was later decided to use the motion controls to instead perform smash attacks.

The Shake Smash is essentially using the Wiimote as a C-stick, combining the normal attack button plus the direction the remote is swung. Therefore, a sideways shake will result in a forward smash, jerking the Wiimote upwards performs an up smash, and jerking the Wiimote downwards results in a down smash. While players can now theoretically activate a smash attack as fast as their motor reflexes can allow, the downside to this system is that players are unable to charge their smash attacks, now working similar to the original Super Smash Bros.. While the Wii Remote + Nunchuk could activate smash attacks by tapping the stick and pressing the attack button like most other controllers, the option is there for a convenient shortcut.

As Shake Smash is analogous to the C-stick, it can be used for many functions outside of smashes, such as for performing throws and throwing items. In particular, Shake Smash can be used in lieu of button mashing for escaping from throws, and it can potentially be more efficient than pure button mashing on other controllers.

Notably, the individual Wii Remote control scheme does not support Shake Smash despite having all of the necessary components. Shake Smash is entirely reliant on the gyroscope built into the remote, and the reasons for the absence are currently unknown.