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Ryu (SSB4)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 tapped RyuJab1TappedSSB4.gif
Neutral attack 1 held RyuJab1HeldSSB4.gif
Neutral attack 2 RyuJab2SSB4.gif
Neutral attack 3 RyuJab3SSB4.gif
Forward tilt tapped RyuFTiltTappedSSB4.gif
Forward tilt held Collarbone Breaker RyuFTiltHeldSSB4.gif
Up tilt tapped RyuUTiltTappedSSB4.gif
Up tilt held RyuUTiltHeldSSB4.gif
Down tilt tapped Light Ankle Kick RyuDTiltTappedSSB4.gif
Down tilt held Heavy Ankle Kick RyuDTiltHeldSSB4.gif
Dash attack RyuDashAttackSSB4.gif
Forward smash Joudan Sokutoger RyuFSmashSSB4.gif
Up smash RyuUSmashSSB4.gif
Down smash RyuDSmashSSB4.gif
Neutral aerial RyuNAirSSB4.gif
Forward aerial Tobigeri RyuFAirSSB4.gif
Back aerial RyuBAirSSB4.gif
Up aerial Sukui Tsuki RyuUAirSSB4.gif
Down aerial Straight Punch RyuDAirSSB4.gif
Neutral special Hadoken (unavailable)
Side special (startup) Tatsumaki Senpukyaku RyuSSpecialStartSSB4.png
Side special Tatsumaki Senpukyaku RyuSSpecialSSB4.gif
Up special Shoryuken RyuUSpecialSSB4.gif
Up special (input) Shoryuken RyuUSpecialInputSSB4.gif
Down special level 1 Focus Attack RyuDSpecialLevel1SSB4.gif
Down special level 2 Focus Attack RyuDSpecialLevel2SSB4.gif
Down special level 3 Focus Attack RyuDSpecialLevel3SSB4.gif
Standing grab RyuGrabSSB4.gif
Dash grab RyuDashGrabSSB4.gif
Pivot grab RyuPivotGrabSSB4.gif
Pummel RyuPummelSSB4.gif
Forward throw RyuFThrowSSB4.gif
Back throw Somersault Throw RyuBThrowSSB4.gif
Up throw Heel Drop RyuUThrowSSB4.gif
Down throw RyuDThrowSSB4.gif