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Pivot walk

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Pivot walking is an advanced technique in Super Smash Bros. Brawl that allows the player to walk while constantly turning around. It can be performed by any character in the game. In order to perform it with default controls, the player must hold the attack button and proceed to walk. The player must then tap up and then back on the C stick. If performed correctly, the character will quickly turn around while still walking forwards and then face the correct direction again. It can performed as many times as the players wishes. If the C stick is set to attack, the player must hold attack and jump and press back on the C stick to perform the technique.

Pivot walking can be used as a mindgame and it can even slightly increase some characters' max walking speed. It can also allow characters to pass through other characters while walking when they normally wouldn't be able to.

While pivot walking still technically exists in Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it is much more limited than in Brawl. Pivot walking cannot be performed if the C stick is set to smash attack so it must be done with the C stick set to attack. Unlike in Brawl, the player does not need to hold jump to perform the technique with tilt stick. If the player attempts to pivot walk while walking at full speed, they will dash after performing the turnaround meaning that pivot walking can only be done if the player isn't walking at max speed heavily limiting its usefulness. In Smash 4, there are a few characters who can pivot walk while walking at full speed due to having a long turnaround animation.

Characters who can pivot walk at full speed in Smash 4[edit]

Pivot walking in Brawl[edit]