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Pikachu (SSBM)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack PikachuJabSSBM.gif
Forward tilt PikachuFTiltSSBM.gif
Forward tilt (angled up) PikachuFTiltUpSSBM.gif
Forward tilt (angled down) PikachuFTiltDownSSBM.gif
Up tilt PikachuUTiltSSBM.gif
Down tilt PikachuDTiltSSBM.gif
Dash attack PikachuDashAttackSSBM.gif
Forward smash PikachuFSmashSSBM.gif
Up smash Pikachu Up Smash Hitbox Melee.gif
Down smash PikachuDSmashSSBM.gif
Neutral aerial PikachuNAirSSBM.gif
Forward aerial PikachuFAirSSBM.gif
Back aerial PikachuBAirSSBM.gif
Up aerial Pikachu Up Aerial Hitbox Melee.gif
Down aerial PikachuDAirSSBM.gif
Neutral special (ground) Thunder Jolt PikachuThunderJoltSSBM.gif
Neutral special (aerial) Thunder Jolt PikachuThunderJoltAerialSSBM.gif
Side special Skull Bash PikachuSkullBashSSBM.gif
Up special Quick Attack PikachuQuickAttackSSBM.gif
Down special (bolt) Thunder PikachuThunderSSBM.gif
Down special (hit closeup) Thunder PikachuThunderCloseSSBM.gif
Grab PikachuGrabSSBM.gif
Dash grab PikachuDashGrabSSBM.gif
Forward roll PikachuForwardRollSSBM.gif
Back roll PikachuBackRollSSBM.gif
Spot dodge PikachuSpotDodgeSSBM.gif
Air dodge PikachuAirDodgeSSBM.gif