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Peach (SSBM)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 PeachJab1SSBM.gif
Neutral attack 2 PeachJab2SSBM.gif
Forward tilt PeachFTiltSSBM.gif
Up tilt PeachUTiltSSBM.gif
Down tilt PeachDTiltSSBM.gif
Dash attack PeachDashAttackSSBM.gif
Forward smash (tennis racket) PeachFSmashSSBMTennisRacket.gif
Forward smash (golf club) PeachFSmashSSBMGolfClub.gif
Forward smash (frying pan) PeachFSmashSSBMFryingPan.gif
Up smash PeachUSmashSSBM.gif
Down smash The hitbox of Peach's d-smash in Melee.
Neutral aerial Hitbox duration of Peach's neutral aerial.
Forward aerial The hitbox duration of Forward Air and its range
Back aerial Hitbox duration of Peach's back aerial.
Up aerial Hitbox duration of Peach's up aerial.
Down aerial PeachDAirSSBM.gif
Neutral special Toad PeachToadSSBM.gif
Side special (ground) Peach Bomber PeachPeachBomberSSBM.gif
Side special (aerial) Peach Bomber PeachPeachBomberAerialSSBM.gif
Up special Peach Parasol PeachPeachParasolSSBM.gif
Down special (pull) Vegetable Peach Down Special Pull Hitbox Melee.gif
Down special (throw) Vegetable Peach Down Special Throw Ground Hitbox Melee.gif
Grab PeachGrabSSBM.gif
Dash grab PeachDashGrabSSBM.gif
Forward roll PeachForwardRollSSBM.gif
Back roll PeachBackRollSSBM.gif
Spot dodge PeachSpotDodgeSSBM.gif
Air dodge PeachAirDodgeSSBM.gif