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OMGiggles is a tournament series hosted by Aarosmashguy in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The tournaments are held at Game Crazy on Snelling Ave. There have been two tournaments in the series.

OMGiggles (December 30th, 2006)[edit]


Place Name Earnings
1st USA Aarosmashguy $112.00
2nd USA Chexr $84.00
3rd KirbySSB $56.00
4th USA MasterOfMyDomain $28.00
5th USA SuperDoodleMan
5th Zero
7th Dark Room
7th USA Yoshii
9th USA GreenBunny
9th Tunuva
9th USA James Sparrow
9th USA Bluewolf
13th Croudo
13th Zeus
13th USA D. Disciple
13th USA Deepak
17th Ulti
17th Bmol
17th USA Fluxwolf
17th Nomek
17th Spoool
17th Sandwraith
17th Keeper
17th USA Seanson
25th Trisicock
25th 56k
25th Mister T
25th Dangle


Place Team Name Members Earnings
1st Kirby Squad AaroSmashGuy, Chexr $52.00
2nd I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer Dark Room, Green Bunny $39.00
3rd Yoshimii Yoshii, Deepak $26.00
4th Team Discovery Channel Zero, Tunuva $13.00
5th Ganon-boned KirbySSB, Keiper
5th My First Pube mastr0fmyd0main3, Croudo
7th Team NWC D. Disciple, Zeus
7th The Team Skiaski Super Doodle Man, Seanson
9th Team Mitten Face Fluxwolf, Ulti
9th Muy Sexy James Sparrow, Nomek
9th Dark Warriors mrray, Shadoudragon
9th **** em Bucky ?, ?
13th Team Rocket Whitefire, ?