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Meta Knight (SSB4)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack MetaKnightJab.gif
Neutral attack finisher MetaKnightJabFinisher.gif
Forward tilt 1 MetaKnightFTilt1.gif
Forward tilt 2 MetaKnightFTilt2.gif
Forward tilt 3 MetaKnightFTilt3.gif
Up tilt MetaKnightUpTilt.gif
Down tilt MetaKnightDTilt.gif
Dash attack MetaKnightDashAttack.gif
Forward smash MetaKnightFSmash.gif
Up smash MetaKnightUpSmash.gif
Down smash MetaKnightDSmash.gif
Neutral aerial MetaKnightNAir.gif
Forward aerial MetaKnightFAir.gif
Back aerial MetaKnightBAir.gif
Up aerial MetaKnightUpAir.gif
Down aerial MetaKnightDAir.gif
Neutral special Mach Tornado MetaKnightMachTornado.png
Neutral down final Mach Tornado MetaKnightMachTornadoFinal.png
Side special Drill Rush MetaKnightDrillRush.gif
Side special (hit) Drill Rush MetaKnightDrillRushHit.gif
Up special (grounded) Shuttle Loop MetaKnightShuttleLoopG.gif
Side special (aerial) Shuttle Loop MetaKnightShuttleLoopA.gif
Down special Dimensional Cape MetaKnightDimensionalCape.gif
Down special (forward) MetaKnightDimensionalCapeForward.gif
Down special (back) MetaKnightDimensionalCapeBack.gif
Grab MetaKnightGrab.gif
Dash grab MetaKnightGrabDash.gif
Pivot grab MetaKnightGrabPivot.gif
Pummel MetaKnightPummel.gif
Forward throw (collateral) MetaKnightThrowForward.gif
Back throw (collateral) MetaKnightThrowBack.gif
Up throw (collateral) MetaKnightThrowUp.gif
Down throw (collateral) MetaKnightThrowDown.gif