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LumiRank 2024

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LumiRank 2024
Period active December 18th, 2023 - 2024
Region Global
Game(s) supported Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Producer(s) Barnard's Loop, EazyFreezie, kenniky, Stuart98

The LumiRank 2024 is an ongoing power ranking that lists the world's best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate smashers for 2024. The season started on December 18th, 2023 and will end sometime in 2024. A mid-year ranking will also be released, ranking players from the start of the season to July 15th.


See also: LumiRank#General methodology

The point system received a few updates. First, player points were given to the top 25 players of a superregion, most notably Europe and Mexico. In addition, minor changes were made to some region distributions, namely the separation of Louisiana to become its own region and a few cities in Mexico and India receiving player points.

The TTS remains mostly the same from the LumiRank 2023, with a new "untiered" tier being added to the upcoming tournament section. The purpose of the tier is to denote upcoming tournaments that did not meet the ranking requirement or are ineligible due to being an ineligible tournament type (eg weeklies, arcadians, and exhibitions/showmatches) but may still be of interest to tournament watchers. These tournaments will not be used in ranking calculations and will be removed following their conclusion. In addition, weeklies that were considered "anniversary editions" were no longer considered for the ranking.

Tournament tiers[edit]

Category Tournament Point Threshold
P Premier 9,000
S+ Supermajor+ 6,500
S Supermajor 5,000
A+ Major+ 4,000
A Major 3,000
B+ National 2,000
B Superregional 1,000
C Regional 500
D Notable

Tournaments evaluated[edit]

Only tournaments that are regional and above (C-tier and above) are listed.
List with full stats

Tournament Region Date Category
DELTA#7 [FAT] Japan Kantō (Tokyo Prefecture) December 23rd, 2023 A
Seibugeki 16 Japan Kantō (Tokyo Prefecture) December 30th, 2023 B
The Smashing Future 3 Netherlands Netherlands January 6th C
Luminosity Makes BIG Moves 2024 USA Tristate (New York City) January 5th-7th S+
Umebura SP 10 Japan Kantō (Tokyo Prefecture) January 6th-8th P
Cafeteria Cup Japan Kantō (Tokyo Prefecture) January 10th-11th B+
Desert Knights 9 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia January 11th-12th C
IBERO - Reto Supremo Mexico East Mexico (Puebla) January 12th C
Smashborg Winter Seasonal 2024 Norway Norway January 12th-14th B
KOWLOON 9 with Sumabato Japan Kansai (Osaka Prefecture) January 13th-14th S+
Battle for Bryan!!! 4 USA Texas January 20th C
Chest 3 Japan Kyūshū January 20th C
EL DOJO MASTERS 3 Mexico Baja California January 20th C
BrookLAN Brawls 100 USA Tristate (New York City) January 21st C
UltCore Second Japan Chūbu (Aichi Prefecture) January 27th B+
Koshisuma FES Japan Kantō (Saitama Prefecture) January 27th C
Push the Limit 28 USA New England (Massachusetts) January 27th C
Failsafe Winter 2024 USA Tristate (New Jersey) January 27th C
Frosty Faustings XVI 2024 USA Great Lakes (Illinois) January 26th-28th C
White Phoenix Nacional Chile Chile January 27th-28th C
Higobura SP 24 Japan Kyūshū (Kumamoto Prefecture) January 28th C
Janairy 2024 Canada Pacific Northwest (British Columbia) January 28th C
Back to School 24 El Salvador El Salvador January 28th C
King of Bombs 2024 USA Texas February 3rd B
Shizutona 7 Japan Chūbu (Shizuoka Prefecture) February 3rd C
MECHA Gaming League: BOSTON USA New England (Massachusetts) February 3rd C
Super Game Lab Smash 8 USA SoCal February 3rd C
Meudon Esport France France February 3rd C
Valhalla IV Denmark Denmark February 1st-4th B
Fortune Ferret 1er Aniversario Mexico Northeast Mexico (Nuevo León) February 10th C
Mash Harder 8 USA New England (Massachusetts) February 10th C
Xenosaga LI USA Tristate (New York City) February 10th C
Super Duper Sunshine Australia Victoria February 9th-11th C
Enders Zone Evolution 3 Spain Spain February 10th-11th C
Sumabato SP 44 Japan Kansai (Osaka Prefecture) February 11th B
Ikesuma 2 Japan Kantō (Tokyo Prefecture) February 11th C
Ultimate Fight Fiesta Guatemala Guatemala February 11th C
Uprise 2024 Portugal Portugal February 17th C
GENESIS X USA Northern California February 16th-18th P
Kamisuma 22 Japan Kansai (Hyogo Prefecture) February 18th C
Okasuma SP 14 Japan Chūgoku (Okayama Prefecture) February 23rd C
Route 210 USA Texas February 24th C
King Con France France February 24th-25th A+
WEMAD 2024 Canada Quebec February 24th-25th C
Hoy si! El Salvador El Salvador February 25th C
Kurobra 40 Japan Kantō (Kanagawa Prefecture) March 2nd B
Grand Conquest 2024 UK United Kingdom March 2nd-3rd C
Sweet Spot 8 USA Heartland (Kansas) March 2nd-3rd C
Revenge of the 6ix: 2024 Test Launch Canada Ontario March 2nd-3rd C
Sumabato SP 45 Japan Kansai (Osaka Prefecture) March 3rd B+
Litvitational 2 USA Florida March 8th A
Olympus Netherlands Netherlands March 9th B
Afterburner 2024 USA Great Lakes (Indiana) March 9th C
TomorrowLAN 2024 Canada Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick) March 8th-10th C
Cirque Du CFL 3 USA Florida March 9th-10th A
Bonito Harbor Mexico West Mexico (Jalisco) March 9th-10th B+
LEADD+2 Japan Tōhoku (Miyagi Prefecture) March 10th B
The Power Games of Smash Ultimate Dominican Republic Dominican Republic March 10th C
Collision 2024 USA Tristate (New Jersey) March 15th-17th S+
ITSUKUSHIMA 3 Japan Chūgoku (Hiroshima Prefecture) March 16th-17th B+
Maesuma'U22 Japan Kansai (Osaka Prefecture) March 23rd B+
SAIKO SMASH 4 USA Southern California March 23rd C
ETSU-Con 2024 USA I/G Southeast (Tennessee) March 23rd C
Beeyond the Hype Monthly Mexico Central Mexico (Mexico City) March 23rd C
Best of the West II: Misfire Mexico Northwest Mexico (Sonora) March 23rd-24th B
Gourmet Bash 3 Canada Ontario March 23rd-24th B
The Game Expo 2024 Australia Victoria March 23rd-24th C
Next Level El Salvador El Salvador March 24th C
KOWLOON 10 Japan Kyūshū (Fukuoka Prefecture) March 30th B
See Me Offline: The Krebs return Regional USA Texas March 30th C
Battle of BC 6 Canada Pacific Northwest (British Columbia) March 29th-31st A+
Kawaii Kon 2024 USA Hawaii March 29th-31st B
Liaoyuan 2 China China March 31st C
Kurobra 41 Japan Kantō (Kanagawa Prefecture) April 6th B
KRBanger 4 France France April 6th C
Stick Drift 5: Homecoming USA MD/VA (Virginia) April 6th C
The Action 2: Action Replay Australia Australian Capital Territory April 5th-7th C
Diamond Dust USA Great Lakes (Michigan) April 6th-7th B+
CT Gamercon 7 USA New England (Connecticut) April 6th-7th B
Jingu-hai 1 Japan Kansai (Mie Prefecture) April 7th C
Karisuma SP 19 Japan Chūbu (Aichi Prefecture) April 13th B
EL DOJO MASTERS 5 Mexico Baja California April 13th C
Stone Ocean 2024 Venezuela Venezuela April 13th C
Invasion 2024 UK United Kingdom April 13th-14th B
Rock the Winds 2 USA Carolinas (South Carolina) April 13th-14th C
Sumabato SP 46 Japan Kansai (Osaka Prefecture) April 14th A